Friday, May 29, 2015

Zoya Island Fun Collection

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Hi everyone! Today I have the creme half from Zoya's summer releases, the Island Fun Collection. This collection consists of 6 saturated creme colors that are perfect for summer. These aren't as bright as you would traditionally expect for a summer collection, but they are all rich saturated colors that read more like summery jewel tones. I generally love Zoya's cremes, so let's take a closer look at these!

Jace is described as a modern tropical green creme. Formula was easy to apply on this one, but it was a little thinner than the other polishes in the collection so it required 3 coats for full opacity. I really love this shade of green SO much! I would describe it as sort of a dirty lime color, and it's certainly unique among my green cremes.

Cecelia is described as a classic teal creme. Formula flowed nicely and easily with complete opacity in 2 coats. I have heard several reports that this is a stainer, so I was very careful when I was swatching with application and I made sure that my nails/cuticles were well moisturized and used 2 coats of a ridge-filling base coat before application, so I urge you do take precautions with it when you wear it. That being said, I did not experience any staining of my nail plate or cuticles during swatching or during removal. A lot of my teal cremes are so dark, so I like that this one has a bit of brightness to it while still maintaining it's richness. It makes me think of the Jungle Green Crayola crayon.

Talia is described as a true turquoise creme. Formula was very good with full opacity in 2 easy coats. Like Cecelia, I have heard that this one was a stainer so I took the same precautions with it while swatching and experienced no staining of my nail plate or cuticles during swatching or removal. This one was a bit deeper than I was expecting and I'm pretty sure I have some similar colors in my stash, but it's still a lovely blue.

Serenity is described as a summer purple creme, reminiscent of beautiful blooming irises. Formula was super nice on this one with complete coverage in 2 easy coats. This color was a beast to get a color accurate picture of. It wants to photograph more cool toned and lighter than it is in real life, so I did some color adjusting on it to try to get it somewhere in the realm of accurate (I hope I didn't fail TOO bad). It's also sort of a chameleon in that it leans a bit warmer/darker in low light and a bit cooler/lighter in brighter light. It's a pretty polish though, that's what really matters and you just HAVE to see it in real life. It's one of my favorites!

Nana is described as a deep summer fuchsia creme. Formula was very nice and smooth on this one with full coverage in 2 easy coats. Nana is a bit deeper and more jewel-like than most summer pinks, so it's a lovely addition to the collection that I think would even transition nicely to the fall (I think most of this collection would, actually).

Demetria is described as a vibrant poppy red creme. Formula was very nice to work with and it had full opacity at 2 coats. Demetria definitely has very warm, orangey undertones while still maintaining its redness (in other words, you aren't going to mistake it for orange like some orange-leaning reds). I love reds this tone, so this is certainly a winner for me.

This is a nice collection of cremes even if generally the colors aren't too terribly unique. I do like that they are something a bit different among all of the collections of bright and neons for summer and I do appreciate a well done iteration of a classic color. Even though I'm a bit scared of the staining potential that has been reported for Cecelia (though I did not experience it), it is one of my favorites along with Jace, Serenity, and Demetria.

Zoya polishes are available at and other retailers that carry Zoya polishes. Be sure to follow Zoya on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for updates on new collections and deals. The Zoya Island Fun Collection is available now online and in stores where Zoya polishes are sold. Thanks for looking everyone!

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