Monday, August 4, 2014

Chaos and Crocodiles Swatches

Hi everyone! Today I have a small helping of Chaos and Crocodiles swatch spam! Two are holos from the recent Secret Agent Collection and two of them were released at a prior restock. They are all gorgeous, so let's have a look!

Subterfuge (Secret Agent Collection) is a pale gold super linear holo. Formula was great and was perfectly opaque in 2 coats and the holo is very strong. Golds aren't always the best on my skintone, but this one was super flattering.

Decoy (Secret Agent Collection) is a silvery lavender linear holo. Once again, holo that just won't stop! Great formula and opacity at 2 coats. Love love!

Twilight Lagoon is a teal-leaning blue filled with gold flakes and shimmer and scattered holo. Formula was nice and perfectly opaque at 2 coats. I absolutely loved all of the subtle gorgeousness going on in this polish.

Cupcake Pirate is a dark magenta creme loaded with golden shimmer and also some pink and blue flecks throughout (these were hard to capture). Formula was good, almost a one coater but I used 2 coats for this mani. Such a gorgeous and saturated color!

Chaos & Crocodiles polishes are available from their Big Cartel shop as well as from Mei Mei's Signatures. You can keep track of info on restocks and releases by following their blog and Facebook. Thanks for looking everyone!

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