Sunday, August 24, 2014

Falling Into Fall: Revisiting Some CrowsToes

Hi everyone! I'm going to have some posts throughout the fall revisiting past polishes/collections from brands that, to me, scream fall. Does that mean these were fall releases? Not necessarily. All it means is that they seem like perfect colors to wear in the fall. I'm going to have indies and mainstream brands represented. Sometimes it will be one polish, sometimes it will be several polishes. I'm not treating these posts as formal review posts, but more to just show you pretties for fall (so don't expect thorough notes on consistency/formula/topcoat/etc unless there is something glaring that I feel the need to point out). Hopefully this little bit of throwback spam will include some things that you might already have in your collection!

Today I'm starting off with a few CrowsToes pretties for you. I actually don't think any of these were part of fall collections, but to me they are all great polishes for fall! Luckily, all of these polishes (despite being older releases) are still available (I know that I did see them all in stock at Llarowe, at least).

CrowsToes Tiki Torch (2 coats over OPI Viking in a Vinter Vonderland). The colors in Tiki Torch are just amazing for fall. It has a jelly base, so layering it over the wonderfully vampy eggplant color of Vinter Vonderland really made the colors pop and it is just a treat for the eyes. I mean, check out the blurry shot with all of that holo sparkle!

CrowsToes Umm, No...He Went to the Pawn Shop (1 dabbed coat over OPI Amazon, Amazoff). First of all, I never really thought that Amazon Amazoff was a summer color even though it was released with this past summer's Brazil Collection for OPI, so I just saved it. I thought the beautiful golds, coppers, and blues in Pawn Shop looked so perfect for fall against the teal base. Do note that Amazon, Amazoff will stain your cuticles, so be careful (since this is my first time ever wearing it, I would point out that finding). Also, a special thanks to Dani from From Polish, With Love for sending me Pawn Shop which has been on my CrowsToes wishlist for ages!

CrowsToes A Christmas Crow (2 coats over black). Now as the name implies, this was part of a Christmas Collection, but I've always thought it looked amazing for fall. There is a red/green shimmer going in combination with the tiny golden color shifting glitters really makes me think of changing leaves!


CrowsToes polishes are available at Llarowe (US), Overall Beauty (US), Atouts Charme (France),Maria Gastadeira (Brazil), Norway Nails (Norway), Femme Fatale Cosmetics (Australia), and Rainbow Connnection (UK). Be sure to follow CrowsToes on Facebook and Instagram as well as on creator Lauri's Blog for all updates and details about new collections.

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