Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pahlish Ticker Tape Parade Duo for March 2015

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Hi everyone! Today I have Pahlish's gorgeous new duo for March 2015 to share with you. The Ticker Tape Parade duo celebrate's Pahlish's 3rd anniversary, so I would like to wish a huge congrats to them on all of their success! I still remember the very first restock and my Pahlish's are still some of my very favorites in my collection. I think that March is just a fabulous month for Pahlish duos because last March's duo is still my favorite one to date, but I must say this one is now a VERY close second, or maybe even a tie for first? I dunno, I just know it is awesome!

Tissue Paper Flowers is a white creme with turquoise, purple, pink, and white flake shimmers. Formula was really nice on this one with very smooth even coverage at 2 coats (which is great for a white, I was fully expecting to have to do 3 coats). Now I know that if you've read any of my reviews on Pahlish flecked cremes in the past you know I'm completely obsessed with them, and this one is truly fabulous! All of the pretty colors popping against the white base make me think of sprinkles on pop tart frosting. It's SO pretty!

Confetti Cannon is a clear-based glitter topper filled with turquoise, lavender, bright pink holo, matte mint and aquamarine glitters, and several colors of satin dot glitters with purple flake shimmer. Formula was great with good glitter spread/distribution. You can use one coat for a more sparse look, but I used 2 coats over Tissue Paper Flowers and it is the perfect amount of glitter coverage for me. I cannot squee enough about this color combination. These are all of my favorite nail polish colors wrapped into one glitter topper and they work together beautifully. This is definitely a celebratory kind of polish, and I love that the combination over Tissue Paper Flowers is very cake-like. My birthday is at the end of the month, and I could very easily see myself wearing this again to celebrate (maybe with some nail art incorporated for ultimate festiveness).

Pahlish is available from Pahlish's Big Cartel ShopBe sure to follow Pahlish on Facebook and on their blog for details about restocks (they are Fridays at 7 pm CST) and new polishes. Pahlish is also available from LlaroweRainbow Connection, and Edgy Polish

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