Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pretty Serious Museum of Naileontology Collection

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have a new collection from Pretty Serious Cosmetics to share with you! For those of you who do not know, Kaz (aka the fabulous mind behind Pretty Serious) has a true passion for vintage nail polish. She has an extensive collection of older, hard-to-find polishes most polish lovers can only dream of and pine over when she posts gorgeous pictures on her blog Pretty Random. The Museum of Naileontology collection totally embraces both her passion for polish making and vintage polish, and I wanted to share with you the vision for this collection from their press release:
This collection is the brainchild of Kaz Harris, Owner of Pretty Serious and blogger at Pretty Random, a vintage nail blog. Pretty Serious has always been inspired by the brands that shook the nail world back in the 90’s with edgy never before seen shades and in your face marketing campaigns and our brand new Naileontology line is an extension of her obsession with all things discontinued! Kaz has dug deep into her stash of thousands and selected three of her favourite long gone shades to restyle with Pretty Serious flair, and we know you’ll find the results absolutely breathtaking! 

Pretty Serious really outdid themselves with press images for this release (like the two above), so I've added many of them in this post along with my swatches, including some amazing bottle shots that include the background of each polish name.

Khepri's Amulet has a blue jelly base packed with golden green shimmer. Formula of this one is very nice and built up to opacity in 3 thin coats (2 would probably be fine, but I did 3 for good measure). The shimmer of this polish is INSANE. As you get towards the edges of the nails you can see the blue of the jelly base so it almost has a duochrome appearance. There are ever so slight brushstrokes, but they mostly fade as the polish dries. This particular polish gave me fits when I tried to photograph it because my camera only wanted to pick up the blue base, but in real life the green shimmer is definitely the star. I finally gave up and used my iPhone which really captured the green shimmer well.

I must say, the moment this polish hit my nails I was transported back to the 90's. I can remember trying desperately to try to find polishes with funky colors in my area back then (because for some reason, there was NO Hard Candy to be found where I lived). I finally found some cool polishes at Claire's in the mall and the very first one I bought was called Fiat and this polish reminds me SO much of it (or what I can remember of it, since I was a kid and threw out a ton of my polish). Sorry for the little aside, but it's fun to find something that makes you think of your teenage years.

The Dragon's Curse is a mint green creme packed with golden shimmer. Formula was excellent on this one with complete coverage in 2 easy coats. I really love the glowing shimmer so much and the shade of mint is so flattering. I'm a mint fiend, so this is probably my favorite from this collection (if I had to pick, they are all pretty darn fabulous).

Eye of Copernicus is a deep navy jelly filled with silver microglitter. The formula of this polish was an absolute dream to apply. I always expect to have to use 3 coats for jellies, but this one was perfectly opaque in 2 coats and with no running or streaking (which is also impressive for jellies). It's also definitely looks navy, not black which is hard to achieve. My macro game was seriously off when I was swatching these pretties, but I did manage to get a decent macro of this one.

The Pretty Serious Museum of Naileontology collection is available now from Pretty Serious's shop. Pretty Serious polishes are also stocked with these other stockists within Australia and internationally. Be sure to follow them on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter and their blog for updates and swatches.

What do you think of this vintage-inspired collection? I personally love it and I can't wait to see if there will be new additions in the future! Thanks for looking everyone!

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