Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday SPAM!

I don't generally do spam, but I have been so terrible with posting lately that I need to catch up. Some of these are manis that I did a few weeks back but forgot to blog and some are newer. Some also consist of lovely iPhone pics with random backdrops. Who's excited? :D

Dare to Wear Ready for My Close-Up

New York Summer Hot Green

Color Club Halo-graphic

Love Thy Polish Sunday Bloody Sunday

Zoya Blaze

Rescue Beauty Lounge Catherine

Catrice Sold Out Forever (original version)

Essie St Lucia Lilac

Deborah Lippmann Raspberry Beret

Thanks for looking everyone! Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. :D


  1. I love all your manis, everything looks so beautiful on your nails :)

  2. Blaze is on my toes right now. So gorgeous!

  3. I'm always excited for your lovely nail shots & Zoya Blaze needs to get on my nails *drools*

  4. they look awesome...and sometimes I think my iphone takes better pix then my camera!