Saturday, June 9, 2012

Holo-ed Bliss

So today I have something insane to share with you. I saw a franken that someone made recently that involved red-green color morphing pigment (a la Clarins 230, MF Fantasy Fire, et al) plus they added Spectraflair. It was INSANE! I decided I must try this out with layering and see what would happen!

So first up, I want to show you a little present from my dear friend Moxie over at Pied Polish Piper. It is called Bliss Piss...which is pretty much the best name EVER! I love it!!

Here is one coat of Bliss Piss over 2 coats of Revlon Royal. It is so gorgeous!

Then I put one coat of my love, OPI DS Shimmer, over the whole thing. It is just...crazy!

Too many pics you say? such thing! I wanted to get some sun pics for you guys, but unfortunately it has decided to rain here are weekend. Here is a consolation flash shot.

Thanks for looking everyone!


  1. You make the most genius layering combos EVER! I love your blog, and polish, it always looks sooo juicy!

    1. Thank you so much! That is such a wonderful compliment! I have so much fun experimenting with layering, so I'm glad that everyone seems to enjoy it! <3