Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Indie Inlinkz: Favorite Fall Color

*Some Press Samples Included*

Hi everyone! Today I'm doing a link-up with the ladies of Indie Inlinkz, a group of lovely bloggers who do a monthly link-up featuring indie polishes. For this month's prompt, we are exploring our favorite fall color! It's no secret that I'm an orange lover (yes that's me...sitting in the corner by myself), and I've amassed quite a collection of orange indies that are perfect for fall. Whether it be more burnt oranges or bright Halloween oranges, I don't discriminate. I have way more fabulous oranges than this in my collection (MANY that are more summer appropriate), but I picked out 8 great ones to share today that I think are fall appropriate. I'm sure I probably left out some that I love, but this is all my brain could come up with in the wee hours of the morning when I was putting this post together (just being real). These photos were taken anytime from last week to over a year and a half ago, so they are all over the place when it comes to poses, lighting, etc.. so just bear with me! Also I few of them are no longer available, so I apologize for that, but I just had to share them because they are favorites of mine!

piCture pOlish Autumn - this one is available from Color4Nails right now. It's a recent release and I'm so glad I picked it up! I'm always a sucker for piCture pOlish's scattered holo jellies. This one is very squishy and I think I might need to re-wear it soon for some pumpkin nail art.

Smitten Polish Bengal Tiger was a recent Hella Holo Customs Exclusive that is no longer available. It's such a beautiful burnished orange, I love it! Noelie is a fellow orange lover...she just gets it.

Scofflaw Goldstone is one that I blogged about recently and it's from Scofflaw's brand new Autumn 2015 Collection. I had to include it here again because man, it's the quintessential fall orange and the gold flecks make it even better! Finch made the statement on Scofflaw's Facebook page that a lot of oranges don't look good on her skintone but THIS shade works for her, and I think that's true for a lot of people. Burnt Orange is waaaay more forgiving and it's the shade the finally turned me on to orange after I didn't think I could wear it at all. It's a great shade to just try if you are on the fence about orange. Goldstone is still available on Scofflaw's website if you want to grab it!

Glam Polish Warlock is from one of my favorite nail polish collections of all time, Glam Polish's Cast a Spell series (Warlock is from Cast a Spell Part 2). This one is no longer available unfortunately, but Glam Polish has two other amazing reddish oranges that I ALSO have and just haven't worn yet that might strike your fancy (Mauna Loa and Road Kill) and they are both available in the Glam Polish shop, so check those out.

Literary Lacquers More Like Fire Than Light is a true orange linear holo that is just perfect! I feel like this is the best orange for me to wear to cheer for my Auburn Tigers (because boy do they need some cheering this year, bless their hearts) which is one of my most frequent fall activities. Also, I love wearing holos to tailgates because you can admire your nails in the sun all day! More Like Fire Than Light can also easily be snagged from Literary Lacquer's shop.

Darling Diva Polish Cast a Spell is from last year's WitchEE Collection and it is such a bright and fun orange holo and it has lovely golden glassflecks as well (which I obviously failed to capture in this photo). This one is also discontinued. I actually used this one today in a nail art design that you will be seeing tomorrow!

Smitten Polish Fire Burn was a limited edition Halloween glitter from last year and it is the PERFECT orange glitter. I love this one so much! It's discontinued, unfortunately, but I MAY have seen a sneak peek of something from Noelie's upcoming fall collection that will be a treat for all of us orange lovers out there!

Elevation Polish Aconcagua is another fabulous orange holo (can you tell I like orange holos?) and it also has some reddish undertones to it that I think make it so wearable and flattering. This one is also easily found on Elevation Polish's website.

So what are your feelings about orange: are you a lover or a hater? I've found that there is rarely any middle ground on the subject! If you haven't given orange a try, DO IT! I used to be a hater, but I've totally changed my tune (same goes for brown, actually). Be sure to check out what everyone else's favorite fall colors are in the link-up below! Thanks for looking everyone!

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