Wednesday, September 13, 2017

KBShimmer Unicorn Pee Collection

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Hi everyone! Today I have the super limited KBShimmer Unicorn Pee Collection to share with you! This collection consists of a color shifting shimmer topper (with the famous/infamous red/green shifting unicorn pee pigment) as well as 3 jewel-toned jellies filled with the unicorn pee pigment. I mentioned, this collection is very limited and currently all shades but Goal Digger are sold out on KBShimmer's website, but all are still in stock at Color4Nails and at Harlow & Co. Grab them while you can, supplies are limited!

You Dew You is a red/green color shifting shimmer in a clear base. Formula was easy to use and if you use 1 coat, you get a more sparse shimmering effect, while 2 coats gives a more potent shimmer effect. Over a creme, I preferred using 2 coats, but over the other shimmers in this collection 1 coat was plenty. I had seen others choose dark shades, so I chose some more unconventional shades to show the shimmering effect over. KBShimmer Sky Jink and For Fox Sake both looked so pretty with You Dew You on top! Since they aren't dark, the effect isn't as dramatic, but I loved it just the same. I feel like these polishes all look better/more shifty in real life vs what a camera can capture, so just trust need to see them on your nails!

Sky Jinks + 2 coats of You Dew You

 For Fox Sake + 2 coats of You Dew You

All 3 of the jellies had an almost identical formula and they were nice and opaque in 3 thin coats. The opacity of these jellies made the unicorn pee pigment glow from within vs being super blingy. They are all extremely lovely and elegant on their own, but I also loved them all with 1 coat of You Dew You on top for an out of this world look. I was extremely impressed with the wear of these jellies. Jellies typically wear terribly on me and I tend to get tip wear after a few hours of wear. I wore both Goal Digger and Let's Slang for several days and got very minimal tip wear...they wore like iron!

So Jelly (3 thin coats) is a deep berry/wine jelly filled with red/green color shifting shimmer. This made me think of the elegance of the famous OPI La Boheme or Sally Hansen Ruby Emerald (not a dupe, but it just made me think of those). Such glow this one! You can see that adding You Dew You brings out the red tones even more.

So Jelly + 1 coat of You Dew You

Goal Digger (3 thin coats) is a deep juicy teal jelly filled with red/green color shifting pigment. I ADORE the contrast of the red/green shimmer with the brings out the golden tones of the shimmer so nicely! The addition of You Dew You really takes this one over the top! That combo wore strong through my hellish weekend of work during Hurricane Irma with no tip wear!

Goal Digger + 1 coat of You Dew You

Let's Slang is a deep indigo jelly filled with red/green color shifting shimmer. This is the baby that started it all and I'm so glad that Christy was able to bring it back! Let's Slang started out originally as a Polish Con exclusive, but it quickly became so sought after that Christy tried to seek out more of the unicorn pee pigment to make it more widely available. I must say, it really lives up to the hype! It's completely bonkers with the addition of You Dew You on top.

Let's Slang + 1 coat of You Dew You

KBShimmer products are available from their website as well as from Harlow & Co. (Canada) and Color4Nails (United States) for international customers. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates on new collections and to see swatches of all of their polishes. Thanks for looking everyone!

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