Sunday, January 29, 2017

New CrowsToes Multichrome Finishes!

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! CrowsToes has released a collection of multichromes including some brand new ones and some old favorites. Altogether, there are 6 multichrome shifts (4 brand new, 2 oldie favorites) with 4 finishes of each shift including the original finish, a sparked finish, a linear holo finish, and a bleached holo finish. Lauri has a little something for everyone's taste here, so you can pick your favorites! Today, I have two of the multichrome shifts to show you, Damned If You Don't and one of my old favorites, Huginn & Muninn. All of these new multichrome finishes are available now in the CrowsToes Shop for pre-order until tomorrow night at 8 PM Eastern time.

I'll talk a little about the finishes first...

Original Finish: This is the original multichrome shift with no added bells and whistles. This finish has the most vivid color shift.

Sparked Finish: This is the original multichrome shift with added sparks of holo, like teeny holo sparkles throughout. This finish is smooth with no texture like glitter. The color shift is still very vivid in the sparked finish.

Linear Holo Finish: This is the original multichrome shift with linear holo pigment. The color shift is a bit more subdued in the linear holo finish, but still visible. The linear holo flame is very prominent and nice.

Bleached Holo Finish: This is the original multichrome shift with a high density of holo pigment. The color shift is very subdued and greyed out, but is visible at extreme angles. The holo flame is very prominent in this finish.

Now on to the polishes themselves! I will give a description of the color along with the original polish and then just notes about the formula and finishes with the rest so as not to be redundant.

Damned If You Don't (Original) has a blackened base that shifts primarily from denim blue to purple and then shifts to magenta and gold at extreme angles. Formula was really nice to work with and built up to nice opacity at 3 thin coats (no need for layering). The multichrome pigment in this one is slightly flecked and sparkly giving it a nice metallic flair.

Damned If You Don't (Sparked) Formula was very nice to use and also built up to opacity easily in 3 thin coats. As you can see, the shift is still strong here and the sparkles of holo add a nice outer space feel to the polish.

Damned If You Don't (Linear Holo) Formula was nice and opaque, even more than the previous two) and it built up nicely in 2 coats. The multichrome shift is still apparent here, but you can see that the holo does dampen it slightly. The holo flame is fantastic though!

Damned If You Don't (Bleached Holo) Formula was again, very nicely opaque and was opaque in 2 easy coats. As the finish name indicates, the heavy holo bleaches out the multichrome shift and leaves only a hint of the color shift, though it is still there when the light catches it. I took photos slightly in the shade to show off the color shift, but the holo flame is super strong in this one.

Huginn & Muninn (Original) has a blue jelly base with purple to green color shifting shimmer. Formula is nice and easy to use and it builds up nicely to opacity in 3 thin coats. This has been a long time favorite of mine because I love purple and green so much, and I was ecstatic to see it in other finishes! The shifting shimmer in this is really fine and glowy.

Huginn & Muninn (Sparked). Formula was lovely and built up nicely to opacity in 3 thin coats. The sparks in this are amazing! This might be my favorite of them all! You can see the color shift is still strong here.

Huginn & Muninn (Linear Holo). Formula was slightly more opaque than the previous two and reached easy opacity in 2 coats. I don't know...this is giving the sparked finish a run for its money! I love that the addition of the holo pigment makes the blue base stand out even more!

Huginn & Muninn (Bleached Holo). Formula was also nice and opaque and reached opacity in 2 easy coats. You can see the blue brought out even more with the addition of more holo pigment. Another beauty and even though the shift is subtle, it is still flashy in real life.

CrowsToes Nail Color is available in their Big Cartel shop as well as Harlow & Co. and Color4NailsBe sure to follow CrowsToes on Facebook and Instagram for all updates and details about new collections. Thanks for looking everyone!!

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