Saturday, March 5, 2016

Darling Diva Polish Naughty Limericks Collection 2016

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have the 2016 edition of Darling Diva Polish's Naughty Limericks Collection! This collection is chock full of greens and golds to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! I'm a sucker for all things green (and I love gold as well) so this collection was right up my alley. These pretties released yesterday in the Darling Diva Polish shop, so be sure to grab them while you can (they are limited to a single batch pour).

On the Dark Side There Was a Darth Vader is swampy green jelly filled with iridescent color-shifting flakies, gold flakies, and holo microglitter. This was started out a little sheer, but built up nicely to opacity in 3 thin coats. OMG THIS POLISH! I know these swampy shades aren't everyone's favorite, but I adore them! This the depth with all of the flakies swimming around plus the glitter...AMAZING!

Legend Tells of a Knight Named Sir Hunt is a deep spruce green soft holo. Formula was excellent and I got full coverage in 2 easy coats. This has the same velvety holo finish as Bad Ass from the Hug My Face Collection that I adored! It's a soft glowy finish that is just perfection!

Old King Billy Had a Ten Foot Willie is a white jelly filled with green/blue ultrachrome flakies, gold flakies, and holo glitter. Formula started out sheer and built up nicely to opacity in 3 coats. I absolutely LOVE this polish and it's so perfect for St. Patrick's Day...but in a subtle way. That name is definitely not subtle though, LOL!

A Girl With a Shiny Trombone is a glowy golden holo with green microglitters. Formula was sligtly thick, but very easy to spread and work with and I got full coverage in 2 coats. This was one that I wasn't initially drawn to in the bottle but adored once it was on my nails. The gold holo has a shimmery/glowy quality that I feel makes it very special. The macros didn't pick up the gold shimmer as much, so the golden shade of the full photos is more accurate.

There Was a Young Spaceman from Venus is a full coverage gold holo glitter bomb filled with a rainbow of holo glitters. This was slightly thick, but it spread well on the nail and I got full coverage in 2 coats (plus 2 coats of topcoat for a smooth finish). This is the pot of gold and the rainbow all in one! It's definitely a showstoopper.

Out West Lived a Cowboy Named Rick is a full-coverage green microglitter poilsh with larger holo squares and hexes throughout. This one was also slightly thick, but it spread pretty easily and I was able to get full coverage in 2 coats. I didn't know if I would like this one with the combo of small and large glitters, but it actually looks really pretty on! This one was the most "classic St. Patrick's Day" polish in the collection.

Darling Diva Polish is available from creator Carrie's Big Cartel Shop. Darling Diva Polish is also available from Mei Mei's Signatures (Singapore), and Edgy Polish (Sweden). Follow Darling Diva Polish on Facebook and Instagram for updates on new collections and restock news. Thanks for looking everyone!

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