Sunday, September 18, 2016

31DC2016 - Floral - Monet Water Lilies Inspired

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Hi everyone! For the Floral prompt in the 31 Day Challenge, I decided to revisit a design that I did in my very first 31 Day Challenge that I LOVED. Last time I did Monet Water Lilies for my art-inspired mani, but I thought I would do it for my floral one and I used all KBShimmer cremes in this look!

For this mani, I started off with a base of KBShimmer Little Boy Hue. Next I sponged on a mix of KBShimmer Low and Be Bold and Little Boy Hue on some parts of the nail to make varying shades of my water. Next I used a small brush and brushed on KBShimmer Eyes White Open to add white ripple accents. Then I used KBShimmer Honeydew List to create my lily pads and Grin and Gerbera It and Chick Me Out to make my flowers. In Monet fashion, it's a very loose and impressionistic. LOL...I'm definitely no Monet, but this was fun and pretty! I still very much enjoy this style!

Check out what everyone else has done for their floral manis! Thanks for looking everyone!

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