Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cupcake Polish The Queen Collection

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have The Queen Collection from Cupcake Polish to share with you. This collection was inspired by Queens from European history and consists of 5 holos that are packed with metallic shimmers in gorgeous gemstone shades. These will be available on January 22 at 10 am CST.

Formula on these polishes was very similar across the board. They are on the thicker side, but in a good way that lends itself to easy application with fantastic opacity. They could all nearly be one-coaters if you are very careful, but I used 2 coats for all of the swatches below. I always appreciate when polishes with lots of metallic sparkle go on easily with no running or pooling because you do not want to have to do clean-up because those sparkles will stick to your skin. These polishes applied so easily that little to no clean-up was necessary. The metallic shimmer these polishes adds fantastic depth to them. The shimmer tends to pop more in lower light while the holographic flame tends to come out more in brighter light.

Sara from Cupcake Polish sent along some background on each of the Queens that inspired this collection, so you will get a little dose of history along with each polish!

Catherine is a deep reddish pink metallic holo with pink metallic shimmer. The extra pink sparkle doesn't show up much in pictures, but it really gives this polish a lit from within look in real life.

Catherine is inspired by Catherine II (Catherine the Great) of Russia. Catherine ruled during Russia's Golden Age and is credited for expanding the Russian empire and allowing the arts to flourish during her reign.

Elizabeth is a light gold metallic holo with darker metallic gold flake shimmer. This one is so blingy! I wore it out to dinner and it just sparkled in the restaurant lights so much that one of our dinner companions was grabbing my hand to oogle it. I'm a sucker for gold holos, and this is a stunner!

Elizabeth is inspired by Elizabeth I of England. Elizabeth is credited for bringing religious tolerance to England. She also brought the Renaissance to her kingdom, a period where creative thinking was plentiful. 

Eleanor is a black holo packed with pink/blue color shifting flake shimmer. This polish is so complex and hard to photograph, but the color shifting shimmers are insane in real life! The colored shimmer makes the polish look sort of brownish black. A truly unique polish and one of my favorites!

Eleanor is inspired by Eleanor of Aquitaine. Eleanor ruled during the high middle ages. Eleanor is credited for transforming the French province of Aquitaine into the center of knowledge and culture during her reign.

Maria is a deep blue metallic holo filled with green metallic shimmer. The contrast of green and blue is one of my favorites and when you add holo to the mix, you certainly have a winner!
Maria is inspired by Maria Theresa of Austria. Maria Theresa is credited for making many improvements to her kingdom during her reign. She valued arts, medical advancements, and education and helped improve these in Austria.

Victoria is a deep purple metallic holo filled with pink metallic shimmer. This one is slightly more warm purple in real life than how it photographs. So stunning! This definitely gets my purple holo addict seal of approval!

Victoria is inspired by Victoria of the United Kingdom. Victoria is considered one of the most influential Queens in history because of her 63 year reign spanning 6 continents. Victoria is credited for bringing both political and social reforms to her kingdom.

The Queen Collection is launching on January 22nd at 10:00 AM central time in Cupcake Polish's shop (ships worldwide). The polishes retail for $13 each. Full sets will be available in the shop for customer convenience and anyone who buys a full set within the first 24 hours will receive a $5 discount. Follow Cupcake Polish on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more info and to see more lovely swatches of these pretties! Thanks for looking everyone!

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  1. One of my favorite Cupcake Polish collections! Gorgeous swatches