Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pretty & Polished Dark Arts Collection (Partial)

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have four polishes to share with you from Pretty & Polished's Dark Arts Collection. I love this collection so much and one of the things that I find the most fun about it is that it really feels like Chels got out her secret potions and pigments in her lab to create this mysterious and magical set of polishes because they all have one or more special properties (color changings, glow-in-the-dark, matte, duochrome flakes). Well let's check them out!

Maleficium is a white crelly filled with a rainbow of duochrome flakes. Formula on this was just perfect and it had complete coverage in 3 thin coats (I love how Pretty & Polished does crellies!). I guess when you compare this one to the rest of the collection it could be considered "boring" in that it doesn't do lots of cool tricks, but its trick is that it is ridiculously gorgeous WITHOUT having to do tricks. I mean...LOVE. I have so much love for this polish! I'm pretty sure this is my favorite Pretty & Polished shade to date.

Necromancing the Stone is a thermal polish with a shimmery base that shifts from a deep blackened teal (cold) to a lighter bluish teal (warm) AND it is filled with a rainbow of duochrome flakes. Formula flowed nicely and had nice coverage at 3 thin coats (2 if you are careful). The flakes look really spacey and cool against the base in this polish and they pop more in real life. Seriously pretty stuff going on here!

I Never Kiss and Spell is a shimmery bright pink matte polish that also glows in the dark. Formula flows super nicely with this one and it is opaque in 3 thin coats. You can see that it looks really cool matte, but I think I love it even more with topcoat. There are some blue shimmers that really pop in its glossy state that I love. As you can see, it has a cool glow-in-the-dark effect too that actually shows a bit of pink! I took this polish to work and I had 2 girls fighting over it to paint their nails!

They Call It Witchcraft is thermal polish that is a jelly with rainbow shimmer and shifts from a darker teal (cold) to a lighter teal (warm) AND it glows in the dark. This one just does all sorts of things! Formula on this one is on the thicker side, but it still flows well and it has complete coverage in 3 thin coats. It does dry a little bit gritty due to the shimmery bits in it, so a thicker topcoat is recommended. The color shift on this one is more subtle, but still very pretty. I had a heck of a time capturing is because my hands (or maybe it was my house?) were extremely warm when I was photographing it, but you can see it in some of my pictures. I DID however manage to capture that amazing glow...just wow!

Pretty & Polished products are available from their website or from these international locations. You can also follow them on Facebook , Instagram, and Twitter to see updates on new releases! The Dark Arts Collection is currently available, so be sure to check it out! 

So what did you think of all of the special effects that these polishes have going on? Which is your favorite? Thanks for looking everyone!

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