Wednesday, October 31, 2012

HARE Polish King of Carat Flowers

I was SO excited to get home from a quick business trip to a whole box of HAREs!! I got all of her new ones and it was so difficult to pick a first mani out of the bunch. I asked around and several people wanted to see King of Carat Flowers first.

King of Carat Flowers is from the Finder's Keepers Fall 2012 collection. It is a sheer grey jelly base with gold and light purple metallic glitters sprinkled throughout as well as some blue and golden glass flecks which really add to the complexity of the polish. I layered 1 coat of King of Carat Flowers over Essence Grey-t to be Here. I found the formula went on smoothly and was easy to work with. And as with HARE tradition...completely amazing! 

HARE Polish is available on Llarowe as well as in Nikole's Etsy Store. You can follow her on Facebook for restock and new release information. I know that there was a restock today of the Etsy store and all of the new collections are sold out, but Nikole mentioned on Facebook that she was working on another order to go to Llarowe so those will hopefully be restocked soon. Thanks for looking everyone! 

Happy Halloween!! A Few Halloween Manis...

I decided to share a few Halloweenish manis that I did this year with you. I'm dissappointed with myself because I didn't get into the Halloween spirit as much as I wanted to this year, but I had a ton going on this month unfortunately. But are some Halloween themed manis as well as some Halloween indies.

The first one is a franken I made called Swamp Music. I layered it over Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Limestone. I thought it looked really swampy and monstery for Halloween.

Next I did a jelly sandwich with Nina Ultra Pro Cobalt and OPI Crown Me Already. To give it a little pizzazz, I used of my my older Halloween Lynnderellas, Bride of Franken.
And if any of you don't own Nina Ultra Pro should. It is a gorgeous Cobalt Blue jelly. It is everything I wanted Revlon Royal to be. This is 2 coats.

Up next, I was craving some multichrome goodness so I decided to go with one that flashed orange and purple for Halloween. I used Ozotic 521 (2 coats over black) and stamped on some Halloween images from my Bundle Monster Plates with Finger Paints Black Expressionism. It was definantly not my best work, but it was pretty cute. 

Here is 521 by itself. It was a lovely gift from my pal Kristy.
Finally I have Hit Polish Jack Loves Sally. This polish was one of my favorite Halloween indies from this year (there were SO many amazing ones!). It is a fun and different mix of matte glitters. This is 1 coat over Sally Hansen Fairy Teal.

So I guess that wraps up Halloween manis for me! I do still have a few Halloween indies that I *just* got so I will wear them soon for after Halloween fun! Thanks for looking everyone and Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 29, 2012

CrowsToes Purple People Eater

Today I have CrowsToes Purple People Eater for you. This is another polish from the Halloween collection. This is a gorgeous mix of smaller purple and blue glitters with a splash of green. Now I wore this once with Sally Hansen Purple Pizzazz as the base, but it would not photgraph AT ALL! It looked really pretty in person, but totally washed out in photographs. For this mani I swatched it over light blurple cream, Hot Looks BMX Bandit. Purple People Eater had a great formula and when on very smoothly. This is 1 coat over BMX Bandit.

Here are some pictures of the mani that I did with Purple People Eater over Sally Hansen Purple Pizzazz. As you can totally gets washed out in pictures but I thought it looked great in person (Purple Pizzazz is always a beast to photograph). 

I'm really loving these smaller glitters lately. I actually have some more coming up for you guys from Shimmer Polish. Chunky glitters are great, but these smaller glitters are a nice change. CrowsToes polishes are available from Llarowe as well as from Overall Beauty. Thanks for looking everyone!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Candeo Voodoo

So to continue with the Halloween indie theme, I have Candeo Voodoo for you. This polish is a gorgeous mix of large and small gunmetal metallic glitters, yellow metallic hexes, and large purple matte hexes. The formula was good and went on pretty smoothly for a chunky glitter polish. I found that it looked absolutely fantastic over OPI Chatters Me Up (which is also a dupe to Zoya Valerie/Orly Rococo a Gogo). This is one coat over OPI Chatters Me Up. I got tons of compliments on this mani so I guess it was really eye catching. I even had an old man ask "What is that you've got on your nails?" LOL!

Candeos can be purchased from Llarowe as well as from Candeo's Website. Thanks for looking everyone!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Some Pinks for Breast Cancer Awareness

So not only are Halloween manis in store this month, but also pink manis in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. I've got three to share with you today.

First is a franken I made called Cosmic Pink. I absolutely loved how this turned out. In real life, the color was very similar to China Glaze Strawberry Fields, just with much more shimmer and teeny disco glitters.

My next mani was inspired by bottle shots of Deborah Lippmann's Raspberry Beret, a new polish that is coming out in a set for the holidays. I want it SO bad but I'm trying to limit by buying now so I tried to recreate it using layering. It ended up being a deep raspberry color with flakies. For this mani, I started off with 2 coats of Illmasqua Stance. Next I added 2 coats of Barielle Elle's Spell. Finally I finished off my flakie sandwich with one thin coat of OPI Houston We Have a Purple.

Finally I have an oldie, but a goodie: China Glaze Don't Be a Square from the Kaleidoscope collection. I was fortunate to find this at a dusty awhile back, but up until now it has been untried! Very pretty pink scattered holo. 

I know pink isn't everyone's favorite color, but I really happen to enjoy wearing it, although I don't reach for it often. And this month, it's for a good cause too! Thanks for looking everyone!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Haunted Woods Stamping

Hi everyone! Today I have a stamped mani that is Halloween themed. I was so excited for this one because I have finally gotten my hands on the PERFECT silver polish for stamping: China Glaze Millennium. I never believed the hype about this polish until I happened to get my hands on it through a swap box. And lives up to the hype and then some. It is perfectly opaque and crisp to stamp with. I was also lucky enough also to get its gold counterpart, China Glaze 2030, from a very lovely and generous friend after I mentioned my love for Millennium and I can't wait to use it!

So for my mani, I used a base of Sinful Nova, which is a deep blue jelly base with green and teal shimmer in it. Certainly a cheap thrill that everyone should indulge because it is a fantastic polish. I used several Bundle Monster plates for the design (BM 224 for the pumpkin, BM 225 for the "trees", and BM 223 for the ghost) and of course China Glaze Millennium for stamping.

Here is Nova on its own. It is hard to photograph, but the shimmer is really visible in real life. I included some blurry pictures to show the pretty shimmer. It is out now in displays as part of Sinful's Winter Shimmer collection.

I can't wait to do some more Halloween themed stamping...I still have some cute Halloween designs to use! Thanks for looking everyone!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

CrowsToes VooDoo over piCture pOlish Attitude

Hi everyone! I am FINALLY going to start doing some more Halloween manis. I was so excited to do them and then when the time came I just wasn't feeling it. I am in the spirit now though, so I am going to try to do mostly Halloween themed manis for the rest of October.

Today I have CrowsToes VooDoo. This polish is just Halloween in a bottle to me. It has various shapes and sizes of purple and orange glitter in a clear base, but my favorite touch is the green microglitter. I think that puts the polish over the top for me. I layered 1 coat over piCture pOlish Attitude.

Here is piCture pOlish Attitude alone. It was released as part of the Collaboration Collection and Attitude was inspired by Kim at Overall Beauty. It is a scattered holographic polish is a purple jelly base. It does have a slight sheen/shimmer to it so it isn't a straight jelly polish. This was actually a detractor for me because I was hoping it would be a purple version of Kryptonite, but it has a slightly different finish. It is still very pretty, don't get me wrong, it just wasn't exactly what I was hoping it would be. This is 2 easy coats. 

You can pick up CrowsToes polishes at Llarowe (as well as check out her new website that launched today). Attitude is available exclusively at Overall Beauty and piCture pOlish's website. 

I hope to have lots more Halloween manis for you guys soon! Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

piCture pOlish Kryptonite

Hi guys! Today I have a mani that I did awhile back but it is too gorgeous not to post. As soon as I saw this polish I knew that I had to have it. I actually ordered it from Australia before it was even available in the US (special thanks to my lovely mule Kristy!). I immediately rocketed to my top 20. It is that good!

piCture pOlish Kryptonite is an emerald green jelly with holo flecks throughout. It is a part of piCture pOlish's Collaboration Collection which was inspired by bloggers as well as e-tailers that carry the line. Kryptonite was inspired by blogger Cathy at More Nail Polish and I will have to say it is my absolute favorite of this collection. It is so simple, yet so glorious. The shade of green is absolutely perfect. It is dark without being blackened and the holo flecks shimmer throughout the jelly base. This is 2 coats.

If you are a green lover, this is a must have polish for you! It is now available in the US from Llarowe and Overall Beauty. You can also purchase it directly from piCture pOlish's website

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pahlish Chemical Swirl and Prayers for Rain

Hi guys! Today I have two manis I did with Pahlish polishes. I absolutely adore Shannon's polishes and these I purchased from her recently after I had them sitting in my Etsy shopping cart for ages.

First up is Chemical Swirl. This is a light purple jelly polish with multicolored glitter. This is the most recent formulation of Chemical Swirl. I mentioned that because I know that she released it originally soon after her shop first opened on a limited basis but then discontinued it for awhile before bringing it back with a new formula. I chose to layer 1 coat over OPI Planks a Lot for this mani, but you could use several coats on its own if you wanted to.

Next is Pahlish Prayers for Rain. This is another polish that was released on a limited basis before but was recently brought back with a new formulation (this being the newest one). It is a teal jelly base with blue and green glitters. This is 2 coats over 1 coat of Zoya Frida (but it would be ok on it's own with 3 coats I think). 

I think there is a constant debate among my nail polish friends on how to wear Pahlishes (undies vs no undies) because they do have gorgeous jelly bases so they are perfectly fine to wear on their own. I personally always like to layer them over a base polish because I prefer the look of 1-2 coats of glitter vs 3-4, but you can wear them however you like them best. I really adore my Pahlishes and I actually have several more that I have recently purchased including the Portal Collection. I hope to have you some swatches of those soon! 

Pahlish can be purchased at Shannon's Etsy store (restocks are Fridays at 7 pm CST) as well as at Llarowe. Thanks for looking!