Friday, January 9, 2015

Scofflaw Winter 2015 Collection

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have Scofflaw's amazing Winter 2015 Collection to share with you. When I got this collection, I thought I had my favorites already picked out when I saw the bottles but the more I tried them, the more I fell in love with them. These are releasing on Sunday, January 11 at 12 pm central time on Scofflaw's website.

Dread Pirate Roberts is a black jelly filled with copper and bronze glitters, flakes, and shimmer as well as pops of iridescent purple glitters. Formula on this one was slightly thick, but still easy to spread and it covered well in 2 coats (1 thinner coat and 1 thicker coat). I especially enjoyed the pops of purple in this polish from the iridescent glitters and all of the flakes and shimmer add wonderful depth. Such a pretty polish and of course I love that it is named for one of the best movies ever, The Princess Bride!

Moriarty is described as a wine red base with black and white flecked shimmer as well as scattered small black glitters. Formula was excellent on this one and it covered well in 2 easy coats. This is one that didn't wow me in the bottle, but I was completely smitten with it once I got it on my nails. Such a pretty and elegant polish with amazing shimmer!

Kidnapped by Vikings is a medium grey jelly with orange/purple color shifting shimmer and small purple glitters. Formula on this one was very nice and it built up to full opacity in 3 thin coats. This polish was love at first sight. I've been loving greys this winter, and the contrasting shimmer in this one is extraordinary! It really gives the polish a "lit from within" quality.

Velocipedestrienne is a bright aqua jelly filled with violet flake shimmer and fuchsia, green, and mint glitters. Formula spread smoothly and easily and was completely opaque in 3 thin coats. Finch sent descriptions of the polishes ahead of time, and as soon as I saw the description of this one I knew it would be a favorite and it definitely did not disappoint. It might be my favorite Scofflaw ever, or at the very top of the list for sure. Now if I can only remember how to spell it when I speak of it's awesomeness over and over again...

Rabbit in the Moon is a deep navy crelly base filled with fine silver shimmer, small blue glitters, and delicate white flakes. Formula on this polish was superb and it covered easily in 2 coats. I like to think this is Scofflaw's take on a "Starry Night" polish, but in true Scofflaw style it is a bit quirky and nothing like any others that you might have seen. Once again, this one really sold me once I got it on my nails because the white flakes truly make this polish amazing.

Clockwork Moth is an antique grey/green base with golden shimmer and glitter with a scattering of iridescent blue sparkle. Formula was good on this one, and was opaque in 2 coats (or possibly 3 if you are less careful). I actually thought I would dislike this one when I first saw it, but it is amazing once you get it on the nail. The shimmer in INSANE. It's sort of a funky twist on a neutral and is surprisingly quite flattering. The pops of blue iridescent glitter are the perfect touch to finish it off.

Love Letter to Frida Kahlo is a dusty lavender creme packed with golden taupe shimmer. Formula was smooth and easy with this one and it built up nicely in 3 thin coats. This is yet another contender for favorite Scofflaw ever. It is for sure my new favorite "Love Letter" polish. The shimmer is amazing and pictures don't even begin to do it justice. The purple is a super flattering tone and I just adore it...I don't know what else to say...YOU NEED THIS POLISH!

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues is a denim blue crelly with blue, gunmetal, and burgundy glitters and a touch of shimmer. Formula was a ok on this one if not a teesy bit thick. I used 2 thin coats for this mani. The touch of burgundy was definitely my favorite part of this polish and it created a lovely contrast against the blue.

Maxwell Demon is a peach jelly filled with shifting shimmer as well as turquoise, hot orange, green, and fuchsia glitter. Formula was good on this one and built up nicely in 3 thin coats. The peach is a delicate and flattering shade and the multicolored glitter is a fun and funky contrast to it. This is pretty unexpected in a winter collection since it has such a springy look to it, but its a fun addition!

Scofflaw Nail Varnish is available in creator Finch's Big Cartel ShopBe sure to follow Scofflaw's Facebook page and Instagram for updates on restocks and new collections (as well as to see lots of pretty swatches.) Thanks for looking everyone!

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