Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Glam Polish The Purple Predicament Trio

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have a brand new, limited edition trio to share with you from Glam Polish. The Purple Predicament Trio has three fabulous purples that I think every purple fan will be dying to have...because I know that NOBODY has enough purple polishes, right? I know I never will! The Purple Predicament Trio will release on January 1st at 1 PM EST in the Glam Polish shop along with the Alphabet City Collection which I'm also super excited about (check out these swatches from Kellie Gonzo and Cosmetic Sanctuary). I've already been plotting my purchases from that collection!

Monday, December 21, 2015

KBShimmer Birthstone Collection

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have KBShimmer's Birthstone Collection on the blog. This set of 12 sparkling jellies represent the monthly birthstones. This such a gorgeous, reflective finish from KBShimmer and it's one that must be seen in real life to fully appreciate. The full Birthstone Collection will be launching on January 1st in the KBShimmer shop.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Firecracker Lacquer The North Remembers Collection

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have Firecracker Lacquer's The North Remembers Collection to share with you. This collection is an homage to the Stark family from Game of Thrones, and the names and commentary on these polishes absolutely cracks me up! The North Remembers Collection launches on December 26th at 12 PM EST in the Firecracker Lacquer shop.
A collection that represents winter, and is also a Stark reminder that while you may move on and forget the past, the North will never forget. 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Paint All the Nails: Secret Santa Edition

*Press Samples Included*

Hi everyone! Today we have a very special edition of Paint All the Nails...Secret Santas! For this link-up, we were all randomly assigned a Secret Santa and instead of a gift we recreated one of their nail art looks! I was super excited to get the fabulous Lucie from Lucy's Stash as my Secret Santa and I had a blast looking through her nail art looks! There were SO many fabulous things to choose from because Lucie is a nail art master. I decided focus on her winter/Christmas designs because I have barely been able to do nail art for the season so far this year and I fell in love with two of her designs...so I did them both!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Great Lakes Lacquer Doctor's Orders Collection

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Long time, no see! Sorry for being a terrible blogger, but I've had a ton of craziness going on in my life including a surprise promotion with a ton of new responsibilities, so I've had a lot of adjusting to do. I had to take a little break to try to get back on track, and I'm almost there! I also got a new camera which I'm struggling with (I've already figured out a class is necessary to work this thing!) so if you notice a little inconsistency in today's post it's because I've got a few photos from the new camera thrown in there. Anyway, I'm glad to be back and I have a fantastic collection to start  you off with!

Today I have the Great Lakes Lacquer Doctor's Orders Collection to share with you. This collection was inspired by quotes from two famous Doctors: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Dr. Suess. These are available NOW in the Great Lakes Lacquer shop.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Pretty & Polished Winter 2015 Collection

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have swatches of Pretty & Polished's Winter 2015 Collection to share with you as well as a new charity polish. This collection not only expands their amazing Dusty Cremes line, but has some festive sparkle and holo as well! The Winter 2015 Collection will be launching tomorrow (December 1st) in the Pretty and Polished shop.

Glam Polish Wonderland LE Collection (Partial)

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have a selection of polishes from Glam Polish's Wonderland Collection to share with you. This limited edition collection has some gorgeous microglitter holos and creamy holos filled with silver flakes all in soft, wintry shades. These launch on December 4th at 5 PM EST in the Glam Polish shop, so be sure to grab them while you can!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Great Lakes Lacquer Cyber Monday Releases: December Duo and Lavish Orange

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Tonight I have some of Great Lakes Lacquer's Cyber Monday releases to share with you! Along with the December Duo (which is Star Wars themed!), Mariah is going to be releasing a few single pour shades in the shop that will be very limited in number, and I have one of those to show you as well. All of the Cyber Monday festivities will kick off in the Great Lakes Lacquer shop tomorrow at 2 PM EST.

CrowsToes Nail Color The Holographic Principle Collection

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have CrowsToes The Holographic Principle Collection for Winter 2015. This 7-piece collection consists of 5 linear holos and 2 holo glitter concoctions. This collection is available now in the CrowsToes Big Cartel Shop. CrowsToes will also be having a sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday that will start on Wednesday, Nov 25th at 9 AM EST and run until November 30th at 12 Midnight EST. Use coupon code CROW20 to take 20% off of your entire order if you buy two or more bottles.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Pahlish December 2015 Duo: Confectioner's Castle

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have Pahlish's Confectioner's Castle Duo for December 2015. This gorgeous duo will be released on Black Friday during Pahlish's Black Friday Bespoke Batch Event (starts at 12:01 AM) along with a selection of older discontinued Pahlishes as well as the special LE polish called Little Rebel Droid that will be exclusive to this event and will come free with all orders of $50 or more. There is so much awesome going on in Pahlish's shop on Black Friday...you DO NOT want to miss out!

Paint All the Nails Presents Dry Brush

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone and Happy Thanksgiving! Today for the monthly Paint All the Nails! link-up we are doing the dry brush technique. If you have been a follower of my blog for awhile, you might know that this is one of my favorite nail art techniques because it is so darn easy and gives a very striking effect. Because I love the simplicity of the technique so much, I did a really simple dry brush look for you today.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pahlish Black Friday Bespoke Event

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have a very special Pahlish post to share with you...another Bespoke Batch Event! This time, Shannon has whipped up some very special Bespokes for Black Friday. Like the last event, these will be available for pre-order and they will not be made again, so be sure to grab them while you can. The Bespoke Batch pre-order starts at 12:01 AM CST on Black Friday and will end at midnight on Monday, November 30th. There will also be a selection of older discontinued Pahlishes as well as the December Duo (which I will show you soon!) available during that time. Finally, there will be a very special LE polish called Little Rebel Droid that will be exclusive to this event and will come free with all orders of $50 or more.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ever After Polish Tis the Season to Sparkle Collection

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have Ever After Polish's brand new Tis the Season to Sparkle Collection for Holiday 2015. This collection consists 2 jellies, 3 flakie holos, and a fabulous holiday holo/glitter. The Tis the Season Collection will launch on Black Friday (11-27-15) at 12 AM EST in the Ever After Polish shop. There is also a discount code for Black Friday for 20% off of your order (TGIF20) that is good on any items in the shop excluding Door Busters.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Smitten Polish Christmas in Stars Hollow Collection

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I am VERY excited to share Smitten Polish's Christmas in Stars Hollow Collection. If you don't know already by the name, this is a GILMORE GIRLS themed collection! I might have squealed a bit when Noelie told me about this collection because Gilmore Girls is my favorite show of all time. My addiction is so bad that I even guessed the name of one of them! These will be releasing on Black Friday for a 24-hour pre-order starting at 2 PM CST. There will also be a Black Friday sale where you can get 20% off using the coupon code THANKS2015 (excludes the new shades) which will be good during the 24-hour pre-order window (ending at 2 PM CST on Saturday).

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Scofflaw Holiday 2015 Duo

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have Scofflaw's Holiday 2015 Duo to share with you! This cool, wintry duo will be available for a 48 hour pre-order event starting on Wednesday, November 25th at 8 PM CST and ending on Friday, November 27th at 8 PM CST. These will be available both as a duo and separately for those who just want to pick up one of them. All of this will be going down in the Scofflaw's shop along with a restock of a selection of polishes from previous collections.

Friday, November 20, 2015

CANVAS Lacquer Broad City Collection (Partial)

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have a selection of polishes from CANVAS Lacquer's Broad City Collection. This collection has a little something for everyone in it with glitter, neon, creme, shimmer, and holo finishes. I have 3 of the 5 polishes from this collection to share with you today (you can see swatches of the other two over at Very Emily), and these are available now in the CANVAS Lacquer shop.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Lollipop Posse Lacquer Deck Your Halls Collection

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I've got the brand new Deck Your Halls Collection from Lollipop Posse Lacquer to share with you. This 7-piece collection in gorgeous holiday shades was inspired by classic lines from Arnold Schwarzenegger films. This is my very first time trying this brand and I am super impressed! Creator Karen is doing a stellar job as one of the newer indies on the block and I can't wait to see what she will do next! This collection will be releasing this coming Wednesday (November 18th) at 8 PM EST in the Lollipop Posse Lacquer shop.

Karen had this to say about the inspiration behind the collection, along with the specific inspirations behind each polish which I will be including with the swatches:

Deck Your Halls 2015 is a collection of seven shades that take their names courtesy of Lollipop's favorite actor - Arnold Schwarzenegger! In our house, the Lollipop hubs and I finally have enough time during the Holidays (we always take some time off together) to sit down and binge on our favorite action flicks. Hope you enjoy these polishes as much as we enjoy our Arnold!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Girly Bits Cosmetics Holiday Magic Collection

*Press Samples*

 Hi everyone! Today I have the Girly Bits Cosmetics Holiday Magic Collection to share with you! These polishes are a collaboration with Girly Bits' spokesperson Megan Edwards, who is a model and works in the fashion and entertainment industry in Vancouver, Canada. Pam used Megan's inspirations to create a really classic array of holiday shades that will surely get you into the spirit of the season. This collection will be released on November 22 at 12 PM EDT in the Girly Bits shop.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Lemming Lacquer Serafina the Firebreather

*Purchased by Me*

Hi everyone! Today I have a beauty from Lemming Lacquer to share with you! I've just recently ordered a few polishes from this brand and I'm very impressed with them so far! As I'm writing this, I actually think I have swatches somewhere of another Lemming Lacquer pretty that I wore a while back SOMEWHERE on this computer, but I will save it for another time since I don't want to go hunting at the moment. I was swatching a gorgeous burgundy creme for an upcoming collection for another brand that you will be seeing very soon on the blog (Friday hopefully!) and I spied Lemming Lacquer Serafina the Firebreather sitting in my untried box and I just knew it would be gorgeous on top!

Serafina the Firebreather is filled with gold/copper/red color shifting metallic flakes and scattered gold holographic microglitters all in a holographic base. I've seen a ton of swatches of this on its own and it is really gorgeous that way, but I wanted to see how it would pop over a vampy base so I used 1 coat here over a deep burgundy creme. This polish is so appropriately named because it is like having fire on your nails! It's a gorgeous GORGEOUS polish and I'm so glad that I snagged it! It is from Lemming Lacquer's recently released Vagantem Damnatorium Collection for Halloween. I also wanted to throw in that I adore creator Cassie's attention to detail in packaging because she includes amazing handmade themed cards and packaging for each of her collections that are just beautiful and add an extra special touch when you dive into your package.

Monday, November 9, 2015

FingerPaints Tis the Season to Sparkle Collection

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have the FingerPaints Tis the Season to Sparkle Collection to share with you. This is a 6-piece collection that has 3 sparkly glitter toppers and 3 coordinating base colors (or at least I thought they coordinated well, even if that wasn't the intention). I know a few of these are re-promotes or core shades, but they come together very nicely in this collection. This is a limited edition collection that will be available in Sally Beauty stores during the months of November and December, so you should be able to find them now in stores and online.


Saturday, November 7, 2015

Pahlish The Hidden Door Collection

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have Pahlish's The Hidden Door Collection to share with you! This collection consists of 4 blackened, vampy holo shades that are perfect to take us from fall to winter. This collection releases tomorrow (November 8th) at 7 PM CDT along with the Forbidden Forest Duo, which I showed you earlier this week.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Zoya Holiday 2015 Matte Velvet Collection

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have Zoya's Holiday 2015 Collection to share with you and it includes 6 additions to the popular Matte Velvet line. These are gorgeous wintry shades that look gorgeous both in their intended matte form as well as with a coat of topcoat. These are available now on Zoya's website and at retail locations where Zoya is sold.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pahlish Forbidden Forest Duo

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have Pahlish's November Duo to share with you. The Forbidden Forest Duo is HARRY POTTER THEMED! That was enough to get me excited but it's also gorgeous! I'm always a sucker for Shannon's glitter toppers and this one is so blingy! The Forbidden Forest Duo will go on sale this Sunday (Nov 8) at 7 PM CST.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Pretty Serious Post Apocalyptic Princess Collection + Ninja-Lish-ous

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have Pretty Serious Cosmetic's Post Apocalyptic Princess Collection to share with you as well as a limited edition shade called Ninja-Lish-ous. This is a gamer-inspired collection full of very futuristic shades/finishes. I'm not a gamer myself (unless you count Mario?) so I don't get all of the references, but hey...it's pretty polish and that IS what we care about, right? Don't worry...you guys will get to see me nerd out and spread gifs of joy in an upcoming post for a holiday collection that I TOTALLY get the references to, just give it a few weeks! These shades are all available now in the Pretty Serious shop.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

KBShimmer Winter 2015 Collection

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! I'm definitely running behind this time, but I have KBShimmer's Winter 2015 Collection to share with you today! This gorgeous mix of holos, cremes, shimmers, and, of course, glitters is full of festive fun for the holidays. There are 14 new shades in total, and I have 13 of them to share with you today. There is one more creme in this collection that I will be sharing next week along with some decals that coordinate perfectly with it. This collection releases today (11/2) along with 12 brand new winter-themed water decals (I have some of those to share over the next few weeks), cat nail vinyls, new lotion bottles that are handy for travel, and some wintry scented mani shots.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Double Stamp All the Nails!

Hi everyone! Today Paint All the Nails is doing double stamping! I love double stamping and I'm often inspired by the double stamping looks that Deborah from Love Varnish is famous for doing because they are always so elegant! Today, I decided not to go for a traditional elegant double stamping look, but instead went for a Halloween spin.

For my mani, I started out with a base of China Glaze Lady and the Vamp (which has such a weird name because I'm imagining a vampy red) and then I put Sally Hansen Jack-O-Lantern over it for a little old school glittery goodness. Then I used the MoYou-London Festive plate 16 and Pretty Serious Presence to stamp on the spider webs. Next I stamped on some spiders from the same plate using Konad Black to stamp. It was a very cliche Halloween mani, but I really enjoyed it. I love the depth that double stamping adds to a manicure...you can almost make something that looks like a decal using the technique.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

CrowsToes Halloween 2015 Trio

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Tonight I have a brand new trio to share with you from CrowsToes Nail Color! Halloween is Lauri's favorite holiday, so I was definitely not shocked that she wasn't skipping out on doing a few Halloween-themed polishes this year. The Halloween 2015 Trio will be releasing on Friday (October 30th) in CrowsToes' brand new Big Cartel shop!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Great Lakes Lacquer November Limited Editions

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Long time, no see. Sorry for my absence, I just had a really blah week and wasn't feeling like blogging. I'm back today though, and I'm excited to share some brand new limited editions from Great Lakes Lacquer with you. These will be available from October 31st at 3 PM EST and will disappear from the shop on December 1st at 2 PM EST.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Pretty Serious Absence and Presence

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have two more Pretty Serious Cosmetics cremes to share with you, this time their black and white cremes. I'm sure that if you have been around the nail polish world for any length of time you know that the search for a "holy grail" black and white creme polish is a constant struggle. Pretty Serious set out on a mission to create the perfect black and white creme polishes so that we could all end our quest, so let's see how they did!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Guest Post at Be Happy and Buy Polish

*Guest Post*

Hi everyone! I'm so sorry that I have taken so long to do this, but I remember when this post went up I had a bunch of life craziness going on and I totally forgot to post this! I did a guest post on Oct 2 over at Be Happy and Buy Polish showing a simple distressed look for fall. Jessica is a total sweetheart and I was honored to be able to post for her. Please check out the post and check out her blog too and show her some love! Thanks!

*See Post Here!* 

Throwback Thursday: OPI DS Glamour

*Purchased by Me*

Hi everyone! I feel like I've agregiously been ignoring my stash lately and this polish popped into my head the other day and just would not get out. I only pull this pretty out every once in a blue moon since it is so hard to come by, but boy does it make me happy when I put it on my nails!

OPI DS Glamour is a deep blue (bordering on blurple) linear holo. True to the old OPI DS line, it is very thin and jelly-like and I used 3 coats for full coverage (though I could have maybe gotten away with 2, I really like it better at 3). This polish was from my epic dusty find of 2011 (I talk about it in this old post) where I found 11 OPI DS polishes just hanging out and I paid $6 each for them (so less than retail). I was so happy to be able to squash a few lemmings for myself and my friends with that find! I know that there are so many amazing holos out there now, but these still hold a special place in my heart.

Hare Polish Never Ending Summer Trio + Two Forty Five AM

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have Hare Polish's Never Ending Summer Trio to share with you as well as a limited edition polish (which may or may not already be gone...I'm sorry about that!). The theme of this trio hits very close to home for me because living in south Alabama, I never really feel like we get a true "fall". It goes from hot as hades to a little less hot. We will get some fall/winter days but it feels like maybe for a week we get cooler weather and then it will creep back up into the upper 80's again. *Sigh* ANYWAY...what I'm saying is...I FEEL YA NIKOLE! The Neverending Summer Trio is available now in the Hare Polish shop.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Falling Into Fall: Delush Polish Girl of Many Faces

*Purchased by Me*

Hi everyone! Today I have a brand new Delush Polish from their recently released Dames of Thrones Collection. As you might have guessed, this collection is based on the leading female characters from the series Game of Thrones. I picked up two from this collection and I have the first one to share with you today.

Girl of Many Faces is a dusty chocolate brown jelly filled with various shades of autumnal micro glitters including bronze, red, gold, and iridescent as well as gold flake shimmer. Formula was nice and easy to work with and I used 3 thin coats for full coverage. This polish screamed fall to me and I really love unique brown polishes so it was a must have. The glittery depth of this jelly is stunning! This polish is based on the character Arya Stark from Game of Thrones, and I must say she is one of my favorite female characters on the show, though I wouldn't want to screw with her and end up on her "list".

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pretty Serious The Well Meaning But Ultimately Quite Awkward Pet Names Collection

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have a collection of gorgeous cremes from Pretty Serious Cosmetics to show you that I'm very excited about! I've been doing so many fall/winter shades lately that these bright shades were welcomed with open arms. The Well Meaning But Ultimately Quite Awkward Pet Names Collection is a collection of 6 brightly colored cremes that I will totally be wearing year-round. And as the name of the collection suggests, these are all named super cutesy pet names that you would probably cringe if you were called. These are available now in the Pretty Serious shop.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Scofflaw Gee That's a Large Beetle, I Wonder If It's Poisonous LE for Halloween 2015

*Press Sample*

Hi everyone! Today I have a brand new limited edition Scofflaw Nail Varnish to share with you that will be available at the next launch. There will be a 24-hour pre-order window starting at 8 PM CST on October 16th (this Friday). Be sure to grab it while you can because it is a beauty!

Gee That's a Large Beetle, I Wonder if it's Poisonous is a blackened blue jelly scattered holo filled with all sorts of flecks, flakes, and shimmer in blue, green, and purple. Formula was excellent to work with and I got full coverage in 2 easy coats. All of the flecky/shimmery goodness is very subtle on the nail but adds wonderful depth to the polish and all sorts of wonderful things pop out when the light hits it. The green and blue colors were hard to catch in photos, but you can see them much better in the macro. The subtle beauty of this polish is not to be overlooked!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Yeti, Lulu, and Friends Present Elevation Polish's 2015 4th Annual Charity Event

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! It's time for Elevation Polish's Annual Charity Sale/Auction. Every year, Lulu from Elevation Polish organizes a huge fundraising event to benefit Chrestomathy, which is an organization local to her that is a day training and habilitation service for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The polishes that will be sold/auctioned in this event were all donated by Elevation Polish as well as many generous indie makers, so 100% of the profits from the event will be donated to Chrestomathy. For more details about the event, please check out Elevation Polish's blog post.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Pahlish Happy Holo-Ween II

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have the Pahlish Happy Holo-Ween II Collection to share with you! You might remember the Happy Holo-Ween Collection from last year, and I feel like Part II is even more rich and vibrant than the original collection, which I love (and they have a sassy little lady ghost this year on the bottle too!) . I've actually be wearing different polishes from this collection all week and I'm not tired of them yet! I love holos with multi-dimensional flecks and shimmer and these are just perfect. The Happy Holo-Ween II Collection as well as the October A Rare Month Duo which I posted about yesterday both go on sale this Sunday at 7 PM CST in the Pahlish shop

Friday, October 9, 2015

Pahlish October 2015 Duo: A Rare Month

*Press Sample*

Hi everyone! Today I'm excited to share with you the Pahlish October 2015 Duo. The A Rare Month Duo is absolutely stunning for Halloween, and it really made me nostaligic when I first saw it. I don't even know if this was intentional, but the color scheme of it this duo really makes me think of one of my favorite Pahlish Duos ever, the Dark Carnival Duo from October 2013. Now the polishes themselves aren't the same at all, but they just have a similar feel and maybe feel like an updated, more sophisticated version of that duo. The A Rare Month Duo goes on sale this Sunday at 7 PM CST in the Pahlish shop, along with the Happy Holo-Ween II Collection which I will be sharing with you tomorrow!

Hare Polish "We Have to Go Back Kate!" - The Lost Collection, Part 1

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have a Hare Polish's recently relased "We Have to Go Back Kate!" - The Lost Collection, Part 1 to share with you. Nikole all but promised that there will be more Lost polishes in the future since she has a love affair with the show, but these are the very first additions. I have never watched Lost, put it has been on my "to do" list for years. I'm going to watch it one of these days, I'm determined! It looks like these polishes are out of stock currently in the Hare Polish shop, but hopefully they will be restocked soon!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Stardust Polish Swatch and Review

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have a new to me indie brand to share with you, Stardust Polish. I was recently sent 3 of the polishes from their line to review including 2 core polishes and one upcoming release for fall. These polishes are available in the Stardust Polish Etsy shop, so check them out!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Elevation Polish A Journey Told Through Music Collection, Part 2

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today, I have Elevation Polish's A Journey Told Through Music Collection, Part 2 to share with you! This collection has a bunch of gorgeous shades including cremes, holos, flakies, and shimmers that are perfect for fall. I also included a swatch of a newer core polish that is only available for a limited time now due to availability of some of the ingredients. Check out Ida Nails It's post for the song inspirations behind all of these polishes because she did an excellent job of summarizing those. Lulu has a very varied and interesting taste in music and I'm too boring to even get most of the song references (sad, I know!). I apologize for my tardy post, but these are launching TONIGHT at 9 PM CST, so be sure to check them out!

Monday, October 5, 2015

KBShimmer Boho Floral Water Slide Decals

*Press Sample*

Hi everyone! Sorry for my lack of posts lately. I've been under the weather and there was a death in our family so I'm a bit behind. I'm going to try my best to catch up this week though, so bear with me!

 Today, I have a look to share with you that I actually wore on my recent vacation! Also, I took pics on my vacation and my lighting wasn't the best, so please excuse that. KBShimmer recently added a variety of water slide decals to their website and I received a few of them to try. I'm going to be wearing them over the next few weeks and I'll share them with you as I wear them. Because they are so much fun, I definitely don't want to rush through them, so I'm going to break them up into several posts.

Today's look uses the Boho Floral Water Slide Decals. These are full-nail decals that require a white base to apply them over. This is VERY important, because there are portions of these decals that are almost translucent, so if you apply them over a colored background the colors won't be as vibrant and the overall look will be washed out. I started out with a base of KBShimmer Eyes White Open and let it dry completely before moving on with my mani.

Next, I cut out my decals and got them ready to apply to my nails. There are 10 decals in the pack and they are plenty big enough, length and widthwise, for longer/wider nails than mine. It helps to trim them a bit to get them close your actual nail size before applying them. I applied them one at a time by soaking them in water and then sliding them off of their paper backing with my Rainbow Finish Point Tip Tweezers (which I stupidly forgot to take a photo of in action, I will do that with my next set of decals).

Clean-up was really easy with my clean-up brush and acetone as the acetone melts the edges of the decal away and you can get a clean line almost as easily as with nail polish. I also use that technique to get rid of any extra overhang and seal the tips. Once I was done with clean-up, I topped the whole mani with KBShimmer Clearly On Top to seal the whole mani. Doing all ten nails is definitely a more time-consuming process than painting your nails, but it's a fun thing to do once in a while for such a cool final result. Alternately, I love to use full nail decals as accents (which I might do with some of my other picks) and it adds a pop of fun without taking as much time as doing all 10.

Overall I really adore the Boho Floral decals because they are very eclectic and I love that they have different designs but come together for a very cohesive look. They also have a fall vibe without being a typical fall print. If you are on the look-out for a really neat full-manicure set of decals, these are definitely some you should check out.

KBShimmer products are available from their website as well as from Harlow & Co. (Canada) for international customers. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates on new collections and to see swatches of all of their polishes. Thanks for looking everyone!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Smitten Polish Charity Polishes for October 2015

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Tonight, I have 3 new Smitten Polish charity polishes that are launching tonight at 11 PM CST along with her brand new What a Punny Autumn Collection. I have more details after the jump about these polishes and what organizations they will benefit. All of these charity polishes will only be available during the month of October, so get your hands on them while you can!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Smitten Polish What a Punny Autumn Collection

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have Smitten Polish's What a Punny Autumn Collection to share with you! This collection consists of two glittery holos and two glittery jellies in yummy fall shades all with super cheesy punny names (some of my favorite nail polish names are puns, so I love this theme!). These will be releasing tomorrow (September 30th) at 11 PM CST along with some charity polishes that I will be posting about tomorrow.