Friday, May 31, 2013

Some Holos: Jade Hypnose and Glitter Gal Red

Hi everyone! All I have wanted to wear lately is holos and neons, so here are a few holos that I wore this past week.

Jade Hypnose is a medium blue holo. It has a lovely formula that is similar to the OPI Designer series, the Ozotic and Glitter Gal linear holos, and the Hits holos to name a few. The formula is wonderful with no patchiness or dragging and it requires no special base or topcoat. This is 2 coats of Jade Hypnose with black stamping with Cheeky XL Happy Nails plate. I don't know why the one nail looks lighter than the really didn't in real life (very strange).

Next I used Glitter Gal Red for a mani. It is one of those confounded mini bottles (so awkward to hold!!). Formula was very similar to the Jade with no issues whatsoever. This is 2 coats of Glitter Gal Red. I think it is renamed something else now (Not Another Red) but I think it is the same. 

Are holos on your radar right now since it's so bright and sunny outside? They certainly have been a go to for me lately. They are effortless and gorgeous. You really can't beat that. Both Glitter Gal and Jade holos are available from Llarowe. Thanks for looking everyone!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pahlish Oh Dear

Hi everyone! Today I have a recent release from Pahlish called Oh Dear, from the Experimental Methods collection. It is a creamy white base with multicolored glitters. I have a real weakness for polishes like this, so I had to purchase it. This was 3 coats, no undies. Reminds me of confetti cake...nom!

Pahlish can be purchased from creator Shannon's Etsy Store as well as from Llarowe. Thanks for looking everyone!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Shimmer Nichole

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Unfortunately, I have to work so I won't get to have too much fun today. I got Shimmer Nichole a few weeks ago, and I have been holding on to her for Memorial Day because she is just perfect for the patriotic occasion. Nichole is a mixture of red, blue, and silver small glitters in a clear base. I layered 1 coat over China Glaze First Mate for my mani.

Shimmer Polish is available from creator Cindy's Etsy Shop and you can find a tons of swatches on her blog of all of the Shimmer Polishes. Thanks for looking everyone!

*Shimmer Polish Nichole sent for my honest review*

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pigment Nails

Hi everyone! I recently saw a wonderful tutorial on using loose pigments to make gorgeous nail art on Nail Gun XS's blog and I had to try it. It is very easy to do and you can use any pigments/bases you want to make any sort of nail look. I chose to go with a dark base to highlight the pretty shifting pigments in the pigments I was using. I used OPI Lincoln Park After Dark as my base and Fyrinnae Mephisto and Meerkat as well as Femme Fatale Sandscale loose eyeshadow pigment to create my mani.

So what do you guys think of pigment nails? Are they something you would try? As always, thanks for looking everyone!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Color Club Holiday Splendor

Hi everyone! I did another older untried, this time one that I acquired back in December 2011. Color Club Holiday Splendor is from the Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe collection and it has a vibrant green jelly base with small holographic silver glitters. It is quite opaque on its own, so I did two coats for this mani. I would use some thick topcoat with it, because it does dry a bit rough, but not overly much. It also wanted to photograph more teal, but it is in fact green with a slight blue undertone.

Like I said, this one is from an older Color Club collection, but it is still available on Thanks for looking everyone!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Enchanted Polish Kids

Hi everyone! I was fortunate enough to snag ONE of the new super holo Enchanted Polish multichromes from the Time to Pretend Collection at their last restock. Kids, I believe, Is a super holo version of Magical Mystery Tour. The multichrome aspect of this polish is similar to Ozotic 505, Hits Mari Moon Cutie Pie, or Sally Hansen Turquoise Opal,with a strong holographic effect added. The colors shift from turquoise/blue/pink/gold. And the best undies required! This is 2 coats, no undies.

Indoor light. The colors are so pretty and shifty!



Sorry for the excessive amount of is just so pretty! Enchanted Polish is available from their Big Cartel shop as well as from Llarowe (although this collection has not come to Llarowe yet). These polishes sell out really fast, so be sure to check out restock times so you can snatch them up when you can! Thanks for looking everyone!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Vegetable Garden with Cheeky XL Plate Home Sweet Home

Hi everyone! So...this mani is sort of random but I wanted to do it as soon as I got the new Cheeky XL Home Sweet Home plate. It is spring going on summer and that IS when all of the lovely roadside vegetable stands here in the South are overflowing with home grown I figured even though it is random, it is appropriate. What's sad is this nail art is the only sort of gardening I can do. I like to think I have a black thumb and kill pretty much any plant that is in my care.

So for this mani, I started off with a base of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Limestone. Then I used the saran wrap technique and used Essie Pretty Edgy to create a mottled look. After my base colors dried completely, I used the images from the Cheeky XL Home Sweet Home plate to do my mani with the following colors: Garlic (Konad Special White), Carrots (Essence Get Up!), Eggplant (Essie No More Film), Tomatoes (Zoya Sooki), Watering Can (Sally Hansen Insta Dri Brisk Blue).

How do you guys clean your plates? When I clean them off with acetone they look all streaky like this!

So what do you think about my quirky mani? I think is is fun...if not a little strange. As always, thanks for looking everyone!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Franken: Jenny's Sparkle

Hi everyone...and welcome to my new layout! LOL...I was wanting something more bright and colorful for the summer. Today I have a lovely franken for you that was a gift from my pal Ida at Ida Nails It (she is such a sweetheart!). I layered 2 coats of her franken over Jade Pimente Doce (hot red jelly by the way). Isn't it gorgeous?

It just glows from within, right? Thanks for looking everyone!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shimmer Polish Jasmine with Stamping

Hi everyone! I have another beauty from Shimmer Polish today called Jasmine. Jasmine is a mixture of aquamarine and green glitter with a few orange, gold, blue, and red glitters thrown in. The formula goes on really smoothly and the polish is easily smoothed out with topcoat. I layered 1 coat over Catrice No Snow Patrol, a medium teal, for my mani.

After I came home from work, I decided to do some stamping for day 2 of my mani. I stamped with China Glaze 2030 and one of the new Cheeky XL plates, Wild at Heart. I think this image is sort of looks like I went to town with a striping brush. 

Here is the image I used as well as a larger shot of the plate. It has some super cute designs on it!

Shimmer Polish is available from creator Cindy's Etsy Shop and you can find a multitude of swatches on her blog to create tons of Shimmer lemmings! I got the new 2013 Cheeky XL plates from Amazon (yes they are FINALLY there!! Woohoo!!). Thanks for looking everyone!

*Shimmer Polish Jasmine provided for my honest review