Friday, May 18, 2018

Pahlish Electric Summer Bespoke Batches

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have these gorgeous Pahlish Electric Summer Bespoke Batches to share with you! These are shades that Shannon made with some gorgeous pigments that she doesn't have unlimited quantities of, so they will likely not be offered again after this month. These are on pre-order right now (ends tonight), but they will also be restocked in limited quantities next Sunday night. Grab yours NOW in the Pahlish shop!

Transistor is a bright teal jelly with a mix of aurora pigments, flakes, and multichrome pigments that shift from red to green. Formula started off a bit sheer, but built up beautifully to squishy opacity in 3 thin coats. This polish needs not accolades...just look at it! You need it, ok?

Birthday Bunny is a clear base with dense holo flakes, silver holo microglitter, and multicolored confetti glitters. Formula started off sheer and I was really suspect...will this get opaque. The answer is YES! It built up very nicely and easily to opacity in 3 coats. I used a thicker topcoat for a smooth finish since it does have the glitters. Shannon doesn't do a ton of glitters anymore, but I really love it when she does. I ADORE the glitters in this holo bomb! It's super fun and totally birthday appropriate. 

$2 per bottle will be donated to the Nashville Bunny Rescue in honor of Shannon's bunny Magnolia and her 2nd birthday in May!

Electric Lights is a bright raspberry pink jelly with a mix of aurora pigments, iridescent flakes, and multichrome pigments that shift from teal to pink. Formula started off sheer, but built up nicely to opacity in 3 coats. There is so much good going on in this polish that just doesn't want to come to life on camera (SO FRUSTRATING!). It is truly beautiful!

White Hot is a soft white jelly with a mix of aurora pigments, flakes, and multichrome pigments that shift from violet/blue to pink/gold. This white had a surprisingly easy to use formula and it of course started out sheer, but built up to nice squishy opacity in 3 coats. This one was another frustrating one to photograph because the white base sort of hid all of the goodness for the camera (though you can totally see it in real life and a little better in the macro). I especially like the flashes of blue against the white base in this one. 

Plasma is a royal purple jelly with a mix of aurora pigments, flakes, and multichrome pigments that shift from intense pink to green/gold. Formula was easy to use and built up nicely to opacity in 3 thin coats. In this polish, I did not get the green/gold flash as much but it primarily has that intense pink shimmer the majority of the time. This polish is a STUNNER!

Pahlish is available from their online shopBe sure to follow Pahlish on Facebook and Instagram for details about restocks (they are Sundays at 7 pm CST) and new polishes. Thanks for looking!


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