Monday, November 9, 2015

FingerPaints Tis the Season to Sparkle Collection

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Hi everyone! Today I have the FingerPaints Tis the Season to Sparkle Collection to share with you. This is a 6-piece collection that has 3 sparkly glitter toppers and 3 coordinating base colors (or at least I thought they coordinated well, even if that wasn't the intention). I know a few of these are re-promotes or core shades, but they come together very nicely in this collection. This is a limited edition collection that will be available in Sally Beauty stores during the months of November and December, so you should be able to find them now in stores and online.


Romanesque Rouge is a pink-leaning red crelly. It has a really nice formula and has nice squishy coverage in 2 easy coats. The pink undertone that it has is really flattering on my skintone. It's a nice red if you are looking for a red creme, but nothing terribly unique and it is one of the re-promotes in the collection.

Golden Glaze is a light gold foil. Formula was very easy to work with and covered nicely in 2 easy coats. If you are on the hunt for a nice gold foil, this certainly would fit the bill but it's also not all that unique and it's a re-promote as well.

Vintage Vincent is a creamy teal filled with fine silver shimmer. The formula on this one was really lovely and I got full coverage in 2 easy coats. This is such a rich teal and the shimmer adds a lovely, subtle touch to it. This is a re-promote, but one that I don't yet have and it's a great shade to pick up!

Tinsel and Tidings is a clear- based glitter topper filled with light bronze, pink, and blue glitters. The glitter is this one is not quite as dense as the other two toppers, so I used 2 coats over Golden Glaze here. It's such a fun and festive glitter and I think the colors are really lovely together. Over the gold foil base, it makes for a super blingy mani.

Sterling Sculpture is a clear-based glitter topper filled with multiple sizes of silver glitter. Formula and glitter load are very nice and I used 1 coat over Romanesque Rogue for this mani. Though it is a simple glitter, it was one of my favorite new additions to the core line when I blogged about it earlier this year (it's a re-promote from the core line). It's infinitely versatile as it would look great over pretty much any shade.

Be Merry and Sparkle is a pale gold glitter, blue, and silver glitter topper. Formula was much like Sterling Sculpture and it had nice coverage in 1 coat over Vintage Vincent here. I really dig the color combo of this polish! I thought it was silver at first but it is the palest of gold hues with some larger silver glitters sprinkled in, and I dig it.

FingerPaints polishes are exclusively available from Sally Beauty Supply and the Tis the Season to Sparkle Collection should be in stores and online now. Thanks for looking everyone!

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