Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Smitten Polish What a Punny Autumn Collection

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Hi everyone! Today I have Smitten Polish's What a Punny Autumn Collection to share with you! This collection consists of two glittery holos and two glittery jellies in yummy fall shades all with super cheesy punny names (some of my favorite nail polish names are puns, so I love this theme!). These will be releasing tomorrow (September 30th) at 11 PM CST along with some charity polishes that I will be posting about tomorrow.

Orange You Glad It's Pun-kin Season? is an orange jelly with orange and silver holo microglitter. Formula on this one was excellent and I got great coverage in 2 easy coats. This shade of orange is absolutely stunning! It leans just a touch burnt orange and it's very vibrant and amazing.

In my ode to oranges last week, when I talked about Smitten Polish Fire Burn, I mentioned that even though it was discontinued that Smitten had something equally amazing coming out for fall, so I wanted to do a little comparison for you guys. I also included Not So Fiery Burn, which was an oops batch that was a lighter orange than Fire Burn. You can see that Orange You Glad It's Pun-kin Season is a bit more burnt orange while Fire Burn is a true orange and then NSFB is slightly lighter than FB. Orange You Glad It's Pun-kin Season is also more pigmented and opaque than the other two, which both require 3 coats instead of 2.

Oh The Hue-Manatee is a charcoal grey linear holo with holo microglitter. Formula was very nice to work with and I got full coverage in 2 easy coats. The glitter in this one is super sparkly and wonderful...just look how it plays with the holo flame! This is probably my new favorite charcoal holo!

Can You BeLeaf These Puns? is a brown jelly with orange and copper holo microglitter. Formula was really nice to work with and reached full opacity in 2 coats, which is terrific for a jelly. I adore the glitter in this one, it's like micro fall leaves glistening out of the brown jelly. Another brown to add to my ever-growing brown favorites list.

Something Wicked This Way Plums is a plum linear holo with scattered holo microglitter. Formula was very opaque and nice to work with and I got full coverage 2 easy coats. The microglitter in this one is more subtle than Hue-Manatee, but adds a lot of depth and sparkle to the holo flame when it catches the light. I adore the warm plummy purple too, it's very rich and saturated.

Smitten Polish is available from their Big Cartel Shop as well as from these international stockists. Be sure to follow Smitten Polish on Facebook and Instagram for updates on restocks and new collections. Thanks for looking everyone!

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