Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Lollipop Posse Lacquer Deck Your Halls Collection

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Hi everyone! Today I've got the brand new Deck Your Halls Collection from Lollipop Posse Lacquer to share with you. This 7-piece collection in gorgeous holiday shades was inspired by classic lines from Arnold Schwarzenegger films. This is my very first time trying this brand and I am super impressed! Creator Karen is doing a stellar job as one of the newer indies on the block and I can't wait to see what she will do next! This collection will be releasing this coming Wednesday (November 18th) at 8 PM EST in the Lollipop Posse Lacquer shop.

Karen had this to say about the inspiration behind the collection, along with the specific inspirations behind each polish which I will be including with the swatches:

Deck Your Halls 2015 is a collection of seven shades that take their names courtesy of Lollipop's favorite actor - Arnold Schwarzenegger! In our house, the Lollipop hubs and I finally have enough time during the Holidays (we always take some time off together) to sit down and binge on our favorite action flicks. Hope you enjoy these polishes as much as we enjoy our Arnold!

How Much Trouble Can They Be? is a full-coverage glitter filled with holographic copper microglitter, copper shimmer, gold hex glitters, and bronze micro flakies. Formula spread easily and reached full opacity in 2 coats and I used 2 coats of topcoat to get it glassy smooth. This glitter is so complex and gorgeous! I love that it has a sort of monochromatic color scheme, but the variety of glitters/flakes give it so much complexity on the nail. This is inspired by one of my absolute favorite Arnold movies, Kindergarten Cop.
Another gem from "Kindergarten Cop", How Much Trouble Can They Be? is the question that we've all asked ourselves at one time or another - especially around the Holidays. Personally, it's what I say to myself every year when I decide that I'll bring in a tray of those cookies for my high school students on the last day of class before winter break. Sure, Lollipop Teach - sugar them up! How much trouble can they be? (I think you know where this is going...)

Cookies! I Can't Wait to Toss Them is a warm nude crelly with large gold flakes, copper microglitter, and flecked shimmer that flashes red, pink, and violet. Formula on this one was very nice to work with and it built up to full opacity in 3 thin coats. I adore this twist on a nude! All of the crazy gorgeous things going on in this polish make it so unique and it really does look a bit like sparkly cookie dough. One of my favorites for sure.

From the epic comedy "Twins", Cookies! I Can't Wait to Toss Them is the perfect Christmas sugar cookie in a bottle. I don't know about you, but the Holidays are never complete at our home or work without trays and trays and trays of cookies. We all KNOW we're going to eat too many, so why not be enthusiastic about it?!

I'm Not Gonna Sit On YOUR Lap is a Christmas red linear holo with golden shimmer. Formula was superb and I got full opacity in 2 easy coats, but you could almost get away with one. The golden shimmer may not photograph that well, but it really makes this polish glow in real life.
I'm Not Gonna Sit On YOUR Lap is taken from Arnold's unfortunate venture into Holiday movie-making, "Jingle All The Way". Anyways, skeezy mall Santa - what else needs to be said?

I'm the Party Pooper is a plummy purple jelly filled with  red and gold shimmer. Formula was very lovely to work with and it built up to nice squishy opacity in 3 thin coats. Oh man...this is totally my jam! I adore purple shimmer polishes and this one just glows from within!
Yup, we all know one! Arnold was the "Kindergarten Cop" party pooper, but no Holiday would be complete without one of your very own - they're especially fun at the work party!

Winter...Has Come at Last has a blue jelly base with holographic microglitters in teal, turquoise, and sapphire blue. Formula spread easily and I used 3 thin coats to reach full glittery opacity plus 2 coats of topcoat for a smooth finish. Something about this polish makes me think of a microglitter version of Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe (with holo!). Batman and Robin...*snickers* I mean...I have mad respect for Karen to even be able to PICK a one-liner from this movie because Arnold had a slew of perhaps the cheesiest one-liners of all time as Mr. Freeze. But then again, what about that movie wasn't cheesy?
Ahhh, yes, Mr. Freeze. Winter certainly has come at long last. This polish takes its name from another Arnold doozy, "Batman and Robin".

You Hit Like a Vegetarian is a vibrant Christmas green linear holo. Formula was just lovely on this one and I got full coverage in 2 easy coats. This one freaked my camera out a bit, but it's a little more vibrant and green leaning in real life, but it definitely has a teal tinge. This polish is an absolute stunner and another favorite for me! If you like greens, you need to get this one.
So how can you beat Arnold AND Sylvester Stallone?! You just can't! You Hit Like a Vegetarian is inspired by Arnold's quip to Sylvester after one of their tiffs in the movie "Escape Plan". This color is also dedicated to my mother - she's the vegetarian in the family, and I'm pretty sure she could kick anybody's butt at the Holiday dinner table!

You Should Not Drink and Bake is a deep pink jelly filled with tons of blue/pink color shifting shimmer that also shifts to orange/violet at certain angles. Formula was very easy to work with and I used 3 thin coats for full coverage. The finish on this one is sort of a sugar sparkle that just doesn't quit! You see the blue shimmer predominantly and then the vibrant shift to hot pink. It was hard to capture all of the beautiful facets of this one on camera!
Sigh. If only I had listened to Arnold's sage advice from the 80's classic "Red Heat", I might have got back that security deposit on my first apartment...

Lollipop Posse Lacquer is available from their Big Cartel shop. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest information on restocks and to see more swatches.

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