Friday, November 13, 2015

Girly Bits Cosmetics Holiday Magic Collection

*Press Samples*

 Hi everyone! Today I have the Girly Bits Cosmetics Holiday Magic Collection to share with you! These polishes are a collaboration with Girly Bits' spokesperson Megan Edwards, who is a model and works in the fashion and entertainment industry in Vancouver, Canada. Pam used Megan's inspirations to create a really classic array of holiday shades that will surely get you into the spirit of the season. This collection will be released on November 22 at 12 PM EDT in the Girly Bits shop.

Sandy Claws is a nude holo with pink/purple flecked shimmer. Formula was really lovely on this one and I got full coverage in 2 easy coats. The colored shimmer flecks were hard to capture on camera, but they add a lovely sparkle in person.

Love Your Elf is a  pinky lavender creme with strong silver shimmer. The formula was super creamy and nice on this one and I used 2 coats for full coverage. This is so soft and delicate and I LOVE it's addition to this holiday collection!

Don't Tangle Your Tinsel is a full coverage silver holo glitter with multiple sizes of glitter. Formula spread easily with a fantastic glitter density and I got full coverage in 2 easy coats, plus a coat of thicker topcoat to give it a glassy smooth finish. There are a lot of full coverage silver glitters out there, but I really love the disco bling that this one has due to the multiple sizes of glitter.

Blazing Yule Before Us is a vintage golden shade packed with golden flake shimmer. Formula was really nice to work with and I got full coverage in 2 coats. This has a metallic-esque finish to it due to the flakes, but it isn't your typical metallic gold.

Little Red Toque is a Christmas red jelly filled with golden holo microglitter. Formula on this one is perfect with full coverage in 2 easy coats (the perfect jelly opacity). This is a GORGEOUS classic red that is just done so well.

Jiminy Christmas is a vibrant green jelly filled with green holo microglitter. Once again, perfect jelly opacity in 2 easy coats. I LOVE this shade, but my camera did not and wanted to make it look darker than it really was. I ended up grabbing my iPhone to capture the vibrant green more accurately (so the full hand pics are more accurate than the macros).

No Peeking 'Til 7AM is a vampy burgundy creme. Formula was almost a little crelly-like and it was perfect in 2 coats. This is so rich and vampy and is perfect for fall/winter. It looks brown in some lights and red in others.

Blue Christmas is a midnight blue creme. Formula was extremely lovely and I got full coverage in 2 easy coats. This is a very rich, blackened blue that is really chic on its own and would also be a lovely base for glitters/flakies.

Coal Dancer is a sheer black jelly filled with silver, black, and royal blue holo glitter. This one is packed with glitter, but it spreads pretty easily using thin coats. For this mani I used 3 thin coats for full coverage. It is a chunky glitter, so at least 2 coats (if not 3) of topcoat will be needed to get it perfectly smooth. It's totally worth it though because this is such a swoony, blingy glitter! I'm totally in love with it!

Girly Bits Cosmetics' polishes are available from creator Pam's online shop as well as from several other e-tailers that you can find hereBe sure to follow Girly Bits on Facebook and Instagram for news about restocks and new collections.

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