Monday, September 5, 2016

31DC2016 - Blue - Tone-On-Tone Blobbicure

*Nothing to Disclose*

Hi everyone! Today for the 31 Day Challenge the theme is Blue! I had a gorgeous blue duo from Polish My Life that look just perfect together, so I decided to use them for this prompt. I must add that I have ordered from Polish My Life several times and always with no issues at all. With my last order, Shaneka accidentally sent me the holo from this duo when I ordered the creme. I contacted her and she told me to keep the holo and she sent me the creme right away. Such fantastic customer service and a pleasure to deal with! She is a a stand-up businesswoman.

For this beautiful creme and holo duo, I decided to go with a super easy nail art technique, the blobbicure. The beauty of a blobbicure is that it is meant to have an organic feel so it doesn't have to be perfect (and that is the best kind of nail art in my book!). I started off with a base of 1 coat of Polish My Life Heart of a Mermaid (creme). Then, one nail at a time, I added a semi-thick coat of Heart of a Mermaid and while it was still very wet, I dropped on dots of Polish My Life Mermaid's Sparkle (holo). I thought this turned out so pretty! It made me think of bubbles under the sea. These polishes are part of Polish My Life's Gleams and Cremes Birthstone Collection and these were both for March, which also happens to be my birth month (another reason I'm glad to have both!). They are still available too if you are a March baby or a blue lover!

Be sure to check out the blue manis that everyone else created for today's challenge! Thanks for looking everyone!

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