Friday, September 4, 2015

Glam Polish Wicked Intent Collection

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have the limited edition Glam Polish Wicked Intent Collection to share with you. This is a 6 piece collection full of vampy holos full of glitter and contrasting shimmer that are just divine. These (along with the Darkly Dreaming Collection and Alopecia Awareness polish, Bad Hair Day) release today at 6 PM Eastern time.

I will start off with the formula for these because they are all pretty much the same across the board. They are very opaque, so I easily got full coverage in 2 thin coats. They are the perfect consistency so they are easy to control during application without running or pooling. They all contain microglitters, so I suggest using a thicker topcoat to get a glassy smooth finish.

I will also say that these are ALL so much more amazing in person that I could capture. The contrasting shimmer + glitter + holo is all just so complex and gorgeous...just trust me when I say that they are even better in real life!

Hostile is a forest green holo with strong blue shimmer and purple holographic microglitters. The colored microglitters are actually very apparent in this one, but my camera sort of washed them out for some reason. They compliment the base perfectly (you can see them more in the macro shot).

Malice is a blackened magenta/purple holo with strong pink shimmer and green/blue holographic microglitter. The pink shimmer in this one is really prominent when you move your fingers and I love the flecks of blue and green throughout.

Torment is a dark indigo/purple holo with strong green shimmer and pink holographic microglitter. Just look at the amazing green shimmer here...SO gorgeous! This is one of my favorites from the collection for sure because the shimmer is so prominent.

Sinister is a deep blue holo with strong purple shimmer and purple holographic microglitter. Wow! Another stunner! This one frustrated my camera to no end because the really prominent pinky/purple shimmer just didn't want to be captured on film. You can see it well in the bottle and there is a glimpse of it in the last photo.

Forebode is a dark raspberry red holo with strong gold shimmer and red holographic microglitter. This one is so fiery and glowy from within! It was an instant favorite for me as soon as the collection arrived!

Despair is a dark plum purple holo with strong pink shimmer and holographic microglitter. The shimmer is just divine in this one! It totally takes over the polish (in a good way) but the holo flame sneaks in there as well and the combined effect is stunning.

Glam Polish is available from their Big Cartel shop as well as from these international stockists. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates on new collections and restocks as well as to see lots of beautiful swatches! Thanks for looking everyone!

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