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Baroness X Nail Care Products: Flair Free Mani Bombs, Swatcher's Balm, and Imperial Fizzies

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Hi everyone! Today I have some more nail care products on the blog, this time from Baroness X. Demi, headmistress over at Baroness X, sent me 3 products from her line to try out and I'm excited to share them with you today! All of these products (except the Swatcher's Balm, which is releasing later this month) are available now in the Baroness X shop, so be sure to check them out!

Flair Free Mani Bombs are mani bombs without any added fragrance or colorants. These are ideal for those who might have allergies/sensitivities to smells or dyes. I know that I had been talking about mani bombs with my mom and she was totally turned off that they all had strong scents but these will be perfect for her since strongly scented things really bother her sinuses (I'm planning on picking up a few for her soon, actually). Another great market for these Flair Free bombs is men, who probably won't appreciate our girly smelling mani bombs and PERHAPS with these you can convince your man to stick his gnarly hands and/or feet in for a soak! I actually used one of these and then gave the other to my boss (a man) who was jealous that all of the girls at work got mani bombs and he didn't get one or want any of the fruity/flowery scented ones that I brought! These had a fast/medium bubble that probably lasted for about 3 minutes. The nourishing oils and butters left my hands soft and moisturized without being greasy. There is a soft sheen/pearl effect in the water when these bubble but no bits of glitter or anything like that to get stuck to your skin. If you are like me and love your bombs scented, Demi has scented mani bombs as well (current scents are Pistachio Macaroon, Rainforest Sugarcane, and Cuban Cutie). They come in different pack sizes: 1 for $1.75, a pack of two for $3.00, or a pack of 4 for $5.00.

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Swatcher's Balm is a new product from Baroness X and I'm very excited about it! I've been using it for about 2 months now while I swatch and I'm totally in love with it. This is great as an everyday balm to keep your cuticles happy and hydrated because it has fabulous ingredients (I especially love the mango butter, jojoba, and coconut oil!), but I love it even more for its use during swatching, which Demi had it mind when she formulated it. Unlike a lot of balms which can leave your fingers greasy and shiny, this balm absorbs quickly and leaves a dull finish so that you can use it during swatching without the dreaded shiny cuticle glare in pictures! I keep the jar right next to me during swatching and then, using a small brush, I dip it in the balm and lightly brush it around my cuticles (just a tiny amount). If I use a bit too much, I just lightly rub it in with my fingers and my cuticles don't look nasty and dehydrated from the acetone, but they also don't look like shiny grease bombs in photos. It's the perfect balance! It isn't scented, but has a barely-there fruity odor (I'm guessing from the mango butter) that is very pleasant. This product isn't available on the Baroness X website quite yet, but Demi said that she is releasing it on September 30th.

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I found out what the light, lovely scent is: Green Tea! I knew it had a very subtle, sweet fragrance but I didn't know what it was! Green Tea is the perfect scent if you want something light and fresh. Demi said that the Swatcher's Balm will be available in Green Tea, Pistachio Macaroon and 2 other scents that are to be determined.

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Imperial Fizzies Mani and Pedi Soak is a granulated form of the mani bombs. These are ideal for those who don't like to use a whole mani bomb when they do their soaks or like to crumble them up. With the Imperial Fizzies, you can use as little or as much product as you want with your soak. These come with a little spoon that you can use to scoop out the granules into warm water (I used 4 spoonfuls in my pedi bath.). These are sold by weight (5.5 oz, 3 oz, and 1 use sample) and you can buy them in their jars or even get refill baggies when your jar is running low. I got a sample of the Peppermint scent, which is ideal for foot soaks, I think, because it is infused with fresh smelling peppermint essential oil. My feet felt wonderful when I soaked them in the Peppermint Imperial Fizzies after a long day at work. There is also a Pineapple and Passion Fruit scent that sounds heavenly! Demi estimates that you can get 10-20 soaks out of the 3 oz jar and the 5.5 oz jar 15-30 uses depending on how much you use with each soak.

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