Saturday, January 20, 2018

Dreamland Lacquer Woleebaph Ronder Wily Collection

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Hi everyone! Today I have Dreamland Lacquer's brand new collection to share with you. Noelie sent me an e-mail with the details about this collection, and when I first opened it...I can't remember the last time I have been so puzzled by a nail polish collection name. Just before I asked Noelie if she was losing it, I clicked on the linked post and everything was explained! The Woleebaph Ronder Wily Collection is a 6-piece collection of gorgeous shades with names taken from a computerized name generator for colors. There are some wild ones...and I'm still campaigning for a part II to this collection to include a Rose Hork polish...

Here is a full explanation to Noelie's inspiration behind the collection:
Who among us hasn’t wanted the machine from the Jetsons where you put your hands in, and pull them out fully manicured in the color of their choice? Nail polish via technology. However, judging by the color swatches in this article, we’re not sure artificial intelligence is quite up to the task of making indie polishes just yet: 
Inspired by the work of the neural networks being run by Janelle Shane, this time, we took care of the sparkles, and only let the robot polish overlords name them. Presenting: “Woleebaph Ronder Wily” - or, in English, “What Your Computer Might Name Your Polish.” 
The Woleebaph Roder Wily Collection will be available for pre-order starting today at 2:00 PM CDT for a 48 hour window in the Dreamland Lacquer shop.

Clay Cow is a sage green crelly filled with fine coppery red shifting shimmer and a sprinkling of holo microglitter. Formula started off sheer, but built up nicely to opacity in 3 thin coats. I just love sage +'s a match made in heaven (like a beautiful succulent). The addition of holo sparkles sets it off very nicely!

Stanky Bean is a pale warm pink holo with holo microglitter and large particle red to green shimmer. Formula was very nice and I used 3 thin coats for full coverage. This polish was one that ended up being SO MUCH MORE than I thought it would be at first glance. The amazing red/green shimmer was shy in the bottle, but absolutely came to life on the nail (despite being a bit camera shy). 

Light of Blast is a complex silver holo that includes several types and sizes of holo pigment with holo and iridescent microglitter. Formula was easy to use and I used 3 thin coats for full coverage. This one dried down with a little texture, so I used 2 coats of quick dry topcoat for a smooth finish. The complexities of this polish were hard to capture well on camera because...holo...but I just adore the layers of texture added with the holo flakes and sparks of iridescent microglitter. 

French of the Bird is a purple (cold) to turquoise (warm) thermal with blue to purple shifting shimmer. Formula spread smoothly and easily and I used 3 thin coats for full coverage. I was really impressed with the thermal properties of this polish because it stayed in the cool state and transitioned state a good bit on my nails (and I tend to run hot, so I rarely get to enjoy the cold or transitioned state on my nails for more than a few seconds). It is just a gorgeous thermal shift and the shimmer is divine! This polish is a bit warmer/brighter (more turquoise vs blue) than my photos show (it was hard to capture with my camera). 



Copper Panty is a medium turquoise crelly filled with large particle red to green shifting shimmer. Formula was super nice and built up to opacity in 3 thin coats. If you love A Wedding Dress Than Isn't Bright Turquoise, this feels like a spin on that polish utilizing the large particle shifting shimmer. It is glorious!

Dorkwood is a deep purple jelly filled with large particle red to green shifting shimmer. Formula was very nice to work with and built up nicely to opacity in 3 thin coats. Purple + this amazing shifty pigment = perfection! There is not a bad thing I can say about this's a winner!

Dreamland Lacquer is available from their Big Cartel ShopBe sure to follow Dreamland Lacquer on Facebook and Instagram for updates on restocks and new collections. Thanks for looking everyone!

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