Tuesday, January 3, 2017

My Favorite Nail Art of 2016

*Some Press Samples Included*

Hi everyone! Today I'm sharing my favorite nail art of 2016! I was disappointed in myself when I looked through my blog that I did so little nail art in 2016, but I'm definitely going to push myself to do more in 2017. I did start the 31 Day Challenge, but unfortunately I never completed it (I even have some manis I did for future prompts that I never even put on the blog!). Of the nail art looks that I did, these were my top picks for 2016.

I did this look for my "Floral" look in the 31 Day Challenge, inspired by Monet's Waterlilies.

I was very pleased with this stamped design with a distressed background that I did for my "Yellow" prompt in the 31 Day Challenge.

I was SOOO happy with this neon watermarble for my Paint All the Nails "Marble" prompt.

This floral double stamping that I did for our Paint All the Nails "Monochrome" prompt was probably my favorite mani from the year.

I did a fun blog post for Valesha over at Peachy Polish and I was inspired by her Fashion posts. This mani was inspired by Taylor Swift's Met Gala dress.

When I got Girly Bits' August COTM Duo, I could not resist doing some nail art with them because they were so perfect together!

Some more fun from the 31 Day Challenge, this time for the "Rainbow" prompt. These amazing KBShimmer water decals were fun to play with!

I was so proud of these Damask tile nails that I did for "Black and White" day in the 31 Day Challenge.

And finally, I was proud to finally achieve a pretty decent turquoise nail look for my guest post for Very Emily. It's not perfect, but I still liked it!

So did you have a favorite nail art look? Thanks for looking everyone!

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