Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Dreamland Lacquer #autocorrect Collection

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have a brand new collection to share with you from Dreamland Lacquer. These neon jellies filled with holo flakes are the things dreams are made of! I know that Noelie has been lusting after these flakes for ages (as have I) so I feel like this collection is years in the making! Neons plus holo flakes are the perfect summer combo in my book! The #autocorrect Collection will be launching tomorrow (July 20th) at 2 PM CST for a 72 hour pre-order window.

I will start off with the formula on these because they were pretty much the same across the board. the jellies are nicely pigmented and easily build up to opacity in 3 thin coats (or you could easily get away with 2 thicker coats, but I liked the depth of 3 thin coats.). They were very easy to spread and weren't runny. The flakes are very smooth and flat so no special topcoat is needed for a glassy smooth finish. 

Pretty in Punk is a warm neon pink jelly filled with holo flakes. Such a gorgeous summery pink that is even brighter in person!

Son Sit Grow is a corally-orange neon jelly filled with holo flakes. This was one of my favorites from the collection because oranges always grab my heart! This one has a lot of pinkish undertones so it will be a safer orange for the orange skeptics out there (c'mon...you know you wanna give orange a try!).

Violet, You're Turning Violent is a bright purple jelly filled with holo flakes. This one has a lot of warm undertones and is just the perfect shade of purple in my book.

Kiss Me, I'm a Fish is a neon lime-green jelly filled with holo flakes. Hot neon green? Sign me up! The holo sparkles are amazing in this one!

Blue Suede Stews is a turquoise jelly filled with holo flakes. This blue is just a bit darker in real life that it photographs. It has some slight green undertones to it that make it feel very oceany. This is  definitely another favorite of mine (and I figure will be well loved in this collection.)

Dreamland Lacquer is available from their Big Cartel Shop as well as from these international stockists. Be sure to follow Dreamland Lacquer  on Facebook and Instagram for updates on restocks and new collections. Thanks for looking everyone!

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