Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Indigo Bananas Electric Unicorns

Hi everyone! Today I have some pictures of one of my absolute favorites polishes. I saw it once on Instagram and ordered it immediately for myself and a friend (my very first Indigo Bananas purchase). I have worn it before but failed to get accurate pics so I never posted them. Once again...I failed to get accurate pics but I'm posting them anyway!!

Indigo Bananas Electric Unicorns is a bright periwinkle creme base packed with green/blue shifting flakes. The color of this polish is SO HARD to capture on film. I've taken pictures in every sort of lighting imaginable and it still doesn't look right. It always photographs more blue than it really is. It leans more purple in real life. It is about the color of Color Club Pucci-licious (which is also crazy hard to photograph). It is such a perfect color and it makes me happy whenever I wear it.

I did find some pics from Adventures in Acetone that seem to be the most color accurate I've seen (although I will say it is still a bit more vibrant in real life). It's crazy difficult to photograph!

Indigo Bananas polishes are available from their Etsy Shop as well as from Edgy Polish (Sweden) and Mei Mei's Signatures (Singapore). Be sure to follow Indigo Bananas on their official websiteFacebookInstagramPinterest, and Twitter to see many amazing swatches and keep up-to-date on new collections, restocks, etc. Thanks for looking everyone!


  1. Oh, so pretty! I wish I had have ordered this as part of my first IB order now...