Sunday, March 4, 2018

Pahlish March 2018 Releases

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have Pahlish's March 2018 releases to share with you. Among the releases for March are 8 more additions to Pahlish's lovely foil line (she makes GORGEOUS foils!), 1 speckled cream (my favorite Pahlish finish of all time!), 1 special 6th anniversary polish and 1 Pahlish Lovers group exclusive which will only be available to members of the Pahlish Lovers Facebook Group (celebrating the 1000 member milestone). All of these Pahlishes will launch tonight at 7 PM Central on the Pahlish website. They will all be available for pre-order during the first week and then will be restocked at the regular weekly restocks in March after that.

Dust Bunny is a soft white cream with a mix of pink, purple, blue, and green micro speckles. Formula was fantastic with easy coverage in 3 thin coats (no streaking!). As I said, I always adore Pahlish's speckled crellies and this is no exception. It makes me think of candy with the little multicolored speckles throughout!

I'll talk about the formula of the foils in one spot because they were pretty similar across the board. They were all perfectly fine/opaque at 2 coats, but I used 3 coats in my photos for some of the lighter ones just because they photographed better at 3 coats in my opinion. You can wear either way that you prefer! Shannon's foil formula is SO easy to use and it spreads smoothly and easily with no running/pooling so you get lovely even coverage. This is so important with foils because they are a beast to perform clean-up on if they get on your skin because of the tiny foil particles, but with the easy to control formula, this really isn't an issue. 

Honeysuckle is described as a bright flamingo pink foil (3 thin coats). To me, this one looks like a warm, corally pink (it's very in-between those shades). It's so bright and lovely!

French Lavender is a warm lavender foil (3 thin coats). This is a beautiful springtime purple!

Black Forest is a deep oxblood foil (2 coats). This is SUCH a rich an decadent shade! It's not a typical spring shade, but I love it!

Hemlock is an emerald foil (2 coats). I love a good green, and this one is perfect for the March release!

English Ivy is a pastel olive foil (3 thin coats). This one reads really yellow-green bordering on gold to me. It's a really bright and flashy metallic!

Hellebore is a sheer black with metallic gold foil pigment (3 thin coats). This polish is fabulous, and one of my favorites from the collection. The sheer black base gives the gold a more deeply burnished toned. Also, I wore this polish for 4 straight days before taking these photos and I didn't even have tipwear...impressive wear with this finish!

Ashwood is described as a soft mauve foil (3 thin coats). This polish reads more brownish taupe to me with just a hint of mauve. It's a really pretty and sophisticated shade and so so metallic!

Bluebonnet is a deep sapphire blue foil (2 coats). If Essie Starry Night had a foil cousin, this would be it. I much prefer this version! Such a pretty blue!

The next polish is the 6th Anniversary shade. Shannon said that since the traditional 6th anniversary gift is candy, they decided to go with a candy-themed shade. This will be a limited edition for the month of March only, so be sure to grab it while it lasts!

Gumdrop Mountains is a bright neon rose with dense holographic flakes and purple and blue shifting shimmers. Formula was fantastic and easy to work with and I used 3 thin coats for full coverage. This polish is so bright and lovely in real life, my camera really did not do it's vibrancy justice! The purple/blue shimmer flashes beautifully against the warm pink base. 

The next polish is the Pahlish Lovers exclusive shade and will also be a limited edition for the month of March. Please join the Pahlish Lovers group for more details about how to purchase this shade (there is a pinned post there with the information). It is a celebratory shade for the group reaching 1000 plus members!

1001 Flowers is a bright violet with a mix of intense blue to pink shimmer and purple chameleon flakes and dense holographic flakes. Formula was similar to Gumdrop Mountains and very lovely to use (I used 3 thin coats for full coverage. The chameleon flakes in this polish are EVERYTHING! It's such a beautiful shade!

Pahlish is available from their online shopBe sure to follow Pahlish on Facebook and Instagram for details about restocks (they are Sundays at 7 pm CST) and new polishes. Thanks for looking!

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