Wednesday, March 28, 2018

KBShimmer Launch Party Collection

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Sorry I'm late to the party, but lucky for you KBShimmer Launch Party Collection is still available on their website to order! This collection of 8 multichrome magnetic polishes and holo flake topper are sure to make your nails look just like outer space! Let's check out some photos from a complete magnetic polish noob (I promise, if I can get some decent magnetic looks ANYONE can do it!).

First I'll talk about the formula of these polishes. The base of these polish is a black jelly and they have the multichrome and magnetic pigments suspended in that base. Application was very smooth and easy with all of them with great non-streaky coverage at 3 thin coats. I've seen some swatchers swatch these over black, but I chose to swatch them on their own with no base.

Now the trick to getting the cool magnetic effects is to utilize the magnet (that you can purchase on the KBShimmer website or it comes with all full collections). You can use the magnet flat in the paddle holder to get a cool cat-eye effect (which is mesmerizing in real life and especially in motion, but doesn't always stand out a lot in photos), or you can remove the magnet from the holder and use either the long or short sides for different effects. ( see this pretty background? You get that gorgeous pouch and a magnet if you purchase the whole collection!)

To get the magnetic effects, you first paint on 1 coat of polish on each nail. Then, one nail at a time, you paint on a second coat and then hold the magnet over the wet polish for 15-20 seconds to get the the desired effect, then repeat with each layer (and it even helps to hold the magnet over the polish after you apply topcoat. As you can see, I'm definitely not a pro at this, but I think I was still able to get some pretty cool looking nail looks with the magnet!

Just a Phase is a magnetic multichrome that shifts from red/bright pink/gold/green/copper/peach. This was one where I went for the cat-eye effect and it was very camera shy.

Orbits and Pieces is a multichrome magnetic that shifts from magenta/pink/purple. The purple shift to this one wanted to lean really blue in my photos, but it's a true purple.

Thrust Issues is a magnetic multichrome that shifts from yellow/gold/bronze.

Solar Flair is a magnetic multichrome that shifts from gold/yellow/orange/red. This is one of the looks that was created by taking the magnet out of the holder and holding the long side next to the nail. It sort of pushed the color out away from the center creating a black line in the center (this type of look was easier to capture in photos).

You Rocket My World is a magnetic multichrome that shifts from green/lavender/silver. Another look created with the magnet out of the holder.

No Comet is a duochrome magnetic that shifts from blue/purple. I think I might have gotten the most "definition" in this look with the defined black line in the center (I got better as I went through my swatches...practice makes perfect guys!).

Let's Do Launch is a magnetic multichrome that shifts from peach/pink/lime green/grass green. This was my absolute favorite cat-eye look! I think the extra sparkle in the base of this shade was really enhanced and made so glowy by the cat-eye effect!

Spaced Out is a multichrome magnetic that shifts from turquoise/purple/pink. This one has so many pretty colors! It's even more colorful in person I think (I don't think this color shift is ever captured well by my camera for some reason).

A Star Is Formed is a micro holo flake topper. I used it here over You Rocket My World, but obviously this topper is just an amazing addition to any shade in this collection! It really takes the outer space look to the next level! I used 1 coat here over the base shade.

KBShimmer products are available from their website as well as from Harlow & Co. (Canada) and Color4Nails (United States) for international customers. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates on new collections and to see swatches of all of their polishes. Thanks for looking everyone!

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