Friday, December 16, 2016

CrowsToes Crowsmas 2016 Collection + Fall Releases

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Hi everyone! Today I have two sets of CrowsToes Nail Color polishes to share with you! I have the brand new Christmas Crows 2016 polishes to share as well as some recently released polishes including Murder in the 2nd, Death Warmed OverMjölnir, and Over & Over. Lauri has started a new pre-order system that will begin every Friday at 8 AM EDT to Sunday at 8 PM EDT in the CrowsToes shop. This weekend's pre-order window is open right now, so go and grab these pretties!

First up we have the Crowsmas 2016 Collection which consists of 2 glitter toppers and 2 shifty shimmery polishes. 

Instant XMAS (just add nails) is a clear-based glitter topper filled with red and green iridescent glitters of various sizes as well as a sprinkling of holo microglitters and maybe even a sprinkling of iridescent shimmer. Formula was excellent to work with and had green spread and glitter density. I used 2 coats over OPI Stay Off the Lawn! here. This polish would look amazing over absolutely anything...just look at it! I adore these iridescent glitters!

I Need a Tinselectomy has a blue base and is filled with strong green shimmer that has a subtle pinky-red flash in certain lights. Formula was very nice to use and I used 3 thin coats for full coverage. This polish is so glowy and awesome!! 

Sideswiped is a metallic blue to pinky purple duochrome. Formula was quite easy to use and I used 2 coats for full coverage. It has a slight tendency to have brushstrokes since it is a metallic, but they mostly melt away as the polish dries. This polish has an icy metallic quality to it that I really enjoy surprisingly. The strong silvery undertones make it nice winter polish. 

Holiday Nuts is a clear-based glitter topper filled with brown, gold, and green glitters as some green/red iridescent microglitters. Formula was excellent to work with and had great glitter spread and coverage. I used 1 coat here over OPI Squeaker of the House. Isn't this such a fun and unique glitter? I'm just digging this color combo. 

Here is a selection of some other recent releases from CrowsToes that came out right around Halloween this year. These are all still available in the CrowsToes shop.

Murder in the 2nd has a blackened base and has a subtle shift from green/blue/purple as well as green glitters and micro holo glitters. Formula was easy use and I used 2 coats here for full coverage. It will dry to a slightly textured finish, so a thicker topcoat will be needed for a super smooth finish. This polish is very complex and it's hard to photograph all that it has going on, but it's a beautiful shifty polish that draws inspiration from CrowsToes' ORIGINAL polish, Murder by Numbers. 

Death Warmed Over is a pink/copper/gold/green color shifting polish filled with iridescent flakies and holo microglitter. Formula was easy to use and I used 3 thin coats here for full coverage. It does dry with a slight texture, so a thicker topcoat will be needed for a glassy finish. This is such a pretty shifter and totally unique! It somehow reminds me of zombies, so the name is fitting I think.

Over & Over is a red-leaning purple shimmer polish filled with orange holo microglitter. Formula applied easily and I used 2 coats for full coverage. The shimmer in this polish is insane and super difficult to photograph properly...just know it is so glowy and awesome in person! The color even more vibrant as well.

Mjölnir wine red to orangey gold color shifting filled with holo and color shifting glitter. Formula applied nicely and I used 3 thin coats for full coverage (use a thicker topcoat for a glassy smooth finish). If you've been following CrowsToes for any length of time you are probably familiar with her Nine Realms Collection (and if you aren't OMG YOU NEED TO BE BECAUSE THEY ARE AMAZING...and still available) and Mjölnir is a fitting addition to those beauties because of course Thor needs his hammer! Look at this beauty!! It just doesn't get much prettier than that. 

CrowsToes Nail Color is available in their Big Cartel shop as well as Harlow & Co. and Color4NailsBe sure to follow CrowsToes on Facebook and Instagram for all updates and details about new collections. Thanks for looking everyone!!

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