Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dance Legend Inhale

*Purchased by me*

Hi everyone! Today I have a beauty from Dance Legend's Wow Prisms line to show you. Dance Legend Inhale is one of the newer colors in the line that was released for spring. Inhale is a lime green scattered holographic polish. The green jelly base is one of the more sheer ones in the Wow Prisms line, so it really allows the holo bits to take center stage and sparkle in the sun! Formula is great and builds really nicely. I used 3 thin coats for this mani. You guys know I'm a green lover, so this one got high marks in my book!

Dance Legend polishes originate from Russia and you can order direct from their website (shipping took 2 months to get to me in the US from Russia, and I've heard that is about average). They are also available from LlaroweColor4Nails, and Ninja Polish (Edited to add that Ninja Polish is currently closed until further notice) which all ship to the US and internationally. Thanks for looking everyone!


  1. Ninja Polish is back?!? I thought she was closing for good.

    1. Oh you may be right Karen. They way that I had interpreted her posts was that the close was temporary, and since the website is still up I didn't think they were gone forever. I hope not! I guess I need to adjust my info accordingly.

  2. HOMG. Why do I not have this yet?!??!! *runs to Llarowe*

    As always, perfect swatches! <3