Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Girly Bits What Really Happened in Vegas (2016)

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Hi everyone! I'm excited to show you the 2016 edition of the Girly Bits Cosmetics What Really Happened in Vegas Collection. This is a sparkling 5-piece collection inspired by the annual trip to Cosmoprof in Vegas. Here is a short explanation of the inspiration behind these polishes from creator Pam:
Each year we attend Cosmoprof North America at Mandalay Bay in Vegas. 2016 brings the 3rd collection in the WRHIV series, which have names that are inspired by memories from the coordinating year’s events in Vegas.

With each of the polishes, I've also included Pam's inspiration for all of the polish names with my . swatches. The WRHIV 2016 Collection (along with the LE What Happens in Vegas, Ends Up on Twitter) are available now in the Girly Bits shop.
Anniversary Crashers is a mix of yellow gold, deep blue, and holo gold microglitter, with gold flakes mixed in. Formula was very nice and easy to work with and I used 2 coats for full coverage. I was instantly in love with this polish and it was my standout favorite from the collection! The addition of the deep blue glitter really added a unique twist in this gold shade and I thought it looked very luxe on the nail.
Good friends of ours were in Vegas at the same time as CPNA celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. As fate would have it, we were all free on the actual evening of their anniversary and reveled in the once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to be with them on both their wedding day and their wedding anniversary 30 years later.

How to Find a Naked Man (in Vegas) is a dusty denim blue crelly, with an iridescent microglitter, bronze twinkle and violet shimmer. Formula had a nice squishy jelly feel to it and it built up nicely to opacity in 3 thin coats. I was so disappointed that a lot of the fun bits and bobs that liked to catch the light in this polish didn't translate well to photos because it really is something special. I think the bits of iridescent and violet that randomly pop in this polish are my favorite things!
Scantily clothed people are not hard to spot in Vegas. Naked ones, you just have to know where to look (or NOT to look!) A certain lady who shall remain un-named, went on a mission to rescue a table decoration that had been left in the room on the way to Cocktails & Colours. It was not her own room, but she was given the key to the room, and the room number. Run up and grab it. Easy peasy right? Somehow, she ended up in the wrong hallway, at the wrong room, with the wrong key. And the naked man inside had not latched the door properly. You can imagine the looks on faces when she swiped the key card, and pushed open the (unlatched) door!!

Showgirl Plucker is a mid tone teal/turquoise base, with holographic microflakes, and a sprinkling of purple and blue microglitter. Fantastic formula and it built up very easily to opacity in 2 coats. Who doesn't like a peacock-ish polish? It's gorgeous and I know it will be a very popular pick from this collection.
I had the pleasure of meeting Jacinta from Powder Perfect while in Vegas this year, who also happens to be my Hella Holo Customs partner for August. She traveled with her beautiful family all the way from Australia to be there! One evening while taking in the sights on the strip, her three year old was smitten with a showgirl and plucked a feather right off of her. How darn cute is that?!?! Jacinta noted that luckily, he was so taken with the Showgirls that he didn't notice the man behind there wearing nothing by a sock!! 

I do what I WANT! is a grape amethyst purple, loaded with silver microflakes, holo microflakes, and silver holo microglitter. Again, formula applied nicely and I used 2 coats for full coverage. The silver flakes in this one give it a metallic feel and I think the addition of the holo bits throughout add great depth.
We enjoyed multiple celebrations this year in Vegas! Sheila from Pointless Cafe turned 50 while we were there. We even secretly planned a little surprise get together for her (her first real birthday party ever, if you can imagine!!) If you know Sheila at all, you know she is the least rebellious person ever. She shared a room with Michelle from Ehmkay Nails, who being a Jersey girl uses the saying "I do what I WANT!" in jest, which Sheila adopted as her attempt to become rebellious for the weekend. Good try Sheila! (HA!)

Personal Hotspot is a bright raspberry pink base filled with a variety of fuchsia holo and metallic glitter. This polish is packed with glitter, but it applied very nicely and had full opacity in 2 coats (I used 2 coats of topcoat for a smooth finish). This is a rich and beautiful pink and I love all of the different sizes of pink glitter in the polish to give it a lot of interest (you can see this better in the macro shots). Pink lovers will definitely want to pick this one up!
Ahh the joys of TSA. Travelling to Vegas every year with loads of product and display items inevitably produces some hiccups getting through security. This year however, a certain blogger who was travelling with OUT the usual concerning items set off the personal scanner twice! We all know she is one hot mama, and concluded that the TSA officers also appreciated her beauty and just wanted a closer look at her since he was pulled aside for manual frisking of two rather personal areas.

Girly Bits Cosmetics' polishes are available from creator Pam's online shop as well as from several other e-tailers that you can find hereBe sure to follow Girly Bits on Facebook and Instagram for news about restocks and new collections.

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