Monday, July 6, 2015

Multichrome Mondays: Dance Legend Roz, ILNP Nostalgia and "Kids"

Hi everyone! For this editon of Multichrome Mondays we have some newcomers on the multichrome scene. When Dance Legend released their Chameleon Collection, I had never seen a multichrome quite like Roz before and it was instant love. The vibrant color shift from magenta to golden green is just magnificent and I wanted all the polish that I could get my hands on with that finish. The first proclaimed dupe that I heard of was ILNP Nostalgia, so I quickly ordered it. Once I got my hands on it, I discovered that it wasn't a dupe at all, but rather a whole different beautiful color shift. The golden green is similar, but the base color is more of a muted reddish pink color instead of the bright magenta. Since these are often confused, I decided to include them all in one post.

Color Shift: 
Dance Legend Roz: magenta/golden green/bronze
ILNP Nostalgia: reddish pink/golden green/bronze

Parent Polishes: Dance Legend Roz, ILNP Nostalgia

Other Polishes Included: ILNP Masquerade (H), Dance Legend Comet's Tail, ILNP Nostalgia, Nubar Wildlife

Other Polishes With This Pigment: 

Dance Legend Roz Pigment: ILNP Masquerade, Polish Me Silly Mystery
ILNP Nostalgia pigment: ILNP Nostalgia (H), Doctor Lacquer The Head of the Sky, Polish Me Silly Rebel

Base Color/Opacity:
These were all surprisingly opaque across the board. You could almost get away with 2 coats on all of them, but I did 3 coats for good measure. You can see right off the bat the difference in the brighter toned pink base of Dance Legend Roz, Dance Legend Comet's Tail, and ILNP Masquerade vs the rosy red/pink base color of Nostalgia. I never even realized it until the other day, but Nubar Wildlife does bear a little resemblance to Nostalgia, though the color has a more bronze tone and it isn't as prominent. The base color of Roz, Comet's Tail, and Masquerade (H) is the same, but they just have different finishes. Masquerade (H) has a finer, more typical holo finish while Comet's Tale has scattered holo flakes. 

Color Shift: So we've discussed the differences in the base colors and here you can see that they are even more vibrant in the sunshine. When you see the full color shift to green, Nostalgia has the most vibrant green shift while Roz, Masquerade (H), and Comet's Tail have a slightly more bronzy green (olive green) shift which is also very close to the green shift of Wildlife. All in all, it's a very similar shift that is soooo pretty.

So do we have dupes? Well none of these are actual dupes because they have different finishes, but Roz, Masquerade, and Comet's Tail definitely have the same color shift. Nostalgia and Wildlife may have some similarities, but dupes they are not. Luckily, all of these are pretty readily available now (as well as the polishes I listed above that use the same pigments) so you shouldn't have too hard of a time tracking them down to fulfill your pink/green color shifting desires. I highly recommend adding at least one of these to your collection, especially a Roz dupe because it has my absolute favorite of all of the color shifts! Again, if you know of any that I've forgotten to add to my list, please leave me a comment and I will add them in! Thanks for looking everyone!

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