Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mango Bunny Polish Sunkissed Neons Collection

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Hi everyone! Today I have a new-to-me brand called Mango Bunny Polish. I was so excited when they contacted me to review their gorgeous Sunkissed Neons collection for summer! These shades (with one exception) are all brights/neons with strong gold flake shimmer and a subtle holographic effect. These have already been available previously for a pre-order period, but their official release date is May 1. They will be available individually for $7.00 each or you can buy the entire 6-piece collection for $36.00.

One thing that Mango Bunny Polish did is include a color guide along with these polishes with very vivid descriptions, so I'm going to include those with each polish. They are all so adorable and summery!

Christmas in July is a royal blue linear holo
"While Christmas in July may seem like the "odd one out" in the Sunkissed Neons collection, we think that it shines bright enough to earn a spot. A color usually reserved for cold and snowy manis, it's time for this royal blue to sparkle in the summer sun"
Formula on this one was very smooth and easy to work with and it reached full opacity in 2 easy coats. It is super pigmented, so I would be sure to avoid getting on your cuticles to avoid clean-up (but I did not find it to be stainy when I used it). Bright is right! This is such a glowy intense color! This is definitely the oddball of the collection since it isn't neon and doesn't have the golden shimmer, but who can argue with needing an intense royal blue holo? Not me!


Pinking About Summer is a warm hot pink filled with golden flake shimmer and subtle holo glow
"This bright pink polish is ideal for when you're dreaming of a summer day and when you're living your perfect summer day. The bright pink will keep you on your toes, the gold flakies keep the color fresh and the holo running through it will be an extra surprise in the sunshine" 
I found the formula of this one to be slightly thicker than the others in the collection, but not hard to work with at all. I had full opacity at 2 coats. The golden shimmer makes me think of one of my favorite polishes, China Glaze Strawberry Fields, but like a souped up version of it with the added holo glow which makes it really special.

Come to Papaya is a neon orange filled with golden flake shimmer and subtle holo glow
"It's time to break out our favorite summer accessory, sunglasses! You'll need them for this polish. Come to Papaya is blindingly-bright neon orange with gold flakies that make it stunning inside and out. (Sunglasses optional inside :])
 Formula on this one was great and fully opaque in 3 thin coats. It is so bright and fun. I love neon oranges, and this one is made extra special by the gold flakes and of course the holo!

#lushlyfe is a hot lime green filled with golden flake shimmer and a subtle holo glow
"Ah, summer, when all of the spring rain is finally paying off! Summer is full of luscious foliage and what better way to celebrate than making sure your nails match?"
Formula was smooth and easy on this one and built up to opacity in 3 thin coats. Electric green polish is one of my favorites and this one is no exception!

Hand L'ocean is a bright blue filled with golden flake shimmer and a subtle holo glow
"No summer collection is complete with out a nod to what keeps us cool. Whether it's the ocean, sea, or pool, water is the base of some of our favorite summer activities. Marco Polo, anyone? While you may get lost staring at the gold flakies and beautiful blue, there's no danger of drowning."
Fantastic formula on this one with full opacity in 2 coats. This shade of blue is so dreamy and the perfect representation of a glistening pool of water. The gold pops so wonderfully too, one of my favorites! This one is slightly deeper and richer in real life.

Iris You Were Here is a warm bright purple filled with golden flake shimmer and a subtle holo glow
"This beautiful violet is perfect for a quick summer getaway. But why see the world alone? Grab a few besties and hit the road! This purple holo with its touch of gold will certainly make all of your vacation memories (or filtered IG pics) shine."
Formula was fantastic on this one with opacity in 2 coats. I didn't think this would be my favorite, but I think it is! The shade of purple is both rich and bright and the gold compliements it so well. This leans slightly warmer/pinker in real life.

Overall, I must say that Mango Bunny Polish has knocked it out of the park with these shades! The gold shimmer and glowing holo combo are just amazing with the neons! Some of my favorite brights/neons that were released last year were from Orly's Baked Collection and they had fantastic gold shimmer (sadly there were only TWO of them), and I feel like these have a similar feel to that concept but it's just elevated even more with the addition of the holo glow. It's not an overwhelming holo (and it's definitely camera shy), but really just adds a ton of depth and shimmer to these polishes.

Mango Bunny Polish is available from their Etsy shop. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for info on restocks and new collections as well as to see swatches of their gorgeous polishes. Thanks for looking everyone!

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