Thursday, May 29, 2014

OPI Panda-monium Pink

I guess that I was just needing a palette cleanser, but for some reason I was craving a sweet, simple, baby pink creme. I have had OPI Panda-monium Pink for ages (it's from the 2010 Hong Kong Collection), and I decided to grab it and give it a try. This cool pink creme seems to have a bit of purple in it, which helps to soften it a bit. The formula was pretty nice, and was opaque in 3 thin coats (probably 2 thicker coats would do). It's not a color I would typically gravitate toward, but it was perfect for the mood I was in.

OPI Panda-monium Pink is discontinued, but it is still easily found at online nail supply shops and at places like eBay and Amazon at retail prices. Thanks for looking everyone!


  1. It's discontinued? That's so sad! This was one of my favorites before I really got *into* polish.

  2. I grabbed one last bottle at my local OPI shop and I'm so happy I did! It's SUCH a gorgeous subtle pink color! Great for nail art or for wearing on it's own. Very soft, I just love it :))