Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Waxy Wednesday

*Purchased by Me*

Hi everyone! I decided that I would bring a bit of my new obsession onto the blog once a week since I know that there are a lot of wax-loving polish lovers out there! Also, a lot of our polish makers are venturing into wax as well, so I feel like a polish obsession goes hand-in-hand with a wax obsession these days. If you don't like wax, just skip my Waxy Wednesday posts! This feature will be very laid back and casual (not like my more formal polish reviews) so there could be rambling and randomness. Here we go with a photo of my basket o' wax!

I started last week by buying a brand new warmer, and I am SO pleased with it! I had seen and heard great things about the Better Homes & Gardens warmers, so I drug my husband over to Wal-Mart (being careful to avoid all of the sick people milling about...stay your butt home if you have the flu folks!) and LOOK at this beauty! I think it was around $17, and I couldn't be more pleased with it. My only complaints are that the bowl is slightly more shallow than I like and and the bowl doesn't fit tightly on top (could be prone to being knocked off if it is in an area where it could be bumped.)

I started my love affair with vendor wax with Super Tarts, and it still ecompasses the bulk of my wax collection. I'm slowly (or not so slowly) adding new brands all the time, so you can expect more variety in my posts as we go on. Super Tarts brand has such fun themes, awesome scent combos, and amazing throw that I just keep going back for. They throw strong on arrival with really no cure time needed (with a few exceptions). I still have a wishlist a mile long for scents that I want to try from them.

So now let's check out what I melted this week! First...I got my very first LOAF! I got two, in fact. I saw one of my favorite Super Tarts scents, Sookie (gingerbread, buttery cake bites, applesauce buttercream), in a Super Pan destash and there was also a combination Super Pan of Lois/Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the Beast (Super Tarts' Lucky Charms house blend, blackberry) is another favorite of mine and Lois (pistachio pudding, cotton candy frosting, strawberry donuts) sounded really nice, so I purchased the lot. It arrived quickly and LOOK HOW PRETTY! I decided to try my hand at cutting up Lois/Beauty and the Beast first.

I microwaved it 20 seconds on each side to soften it slightly before cutting, but I determined that 30 seconds per side would have worked just a bit better. I love smooth, clean cuts. A little bit of it crumbled, but all-in-all, it wasn't bad for my first time! I just cut up a small section and I will cut up more later when I need it.

It's smells yummy too! A nice blend of fruity and bakery. I haven't found a blackberry blend from Super Tarts that I do not enjoy.

So Super Tarts recently restocked their Wizards Wax Collection (Harry Potter-inspired) and it has a LOT of blends with one of my absolute favorite things from Super Tarts...Magically Delicious. You will hear me talk about Magically Delicious a lot because it is my fav fav fav blender. I feel like it enhances most anything that it is melted with. As I mentioned above, Magically Delicious is the house blend Lucky Charms type scent from Super Tarts. It smells like marshmallow sugar cookies to me. I feel like it must be one of maker Brandy's favorite blenders as well, because she blends Magically Delicious with a LOT of things...and I buy them. I could not resist picking up a few scents from Wizard's Wax.

Super Tarts Hermione

Scent Notes: Magically Delicious, Strawberry Filled Cannoli

Throw: Medium with no cure time

Thoughts: Lovely strawberry bakery scent. I get a very strawberries and cream vibe overall.

Super Tarts Tonks

Scent Notes: Magically Delicious, Raspberry, Pink Sugar

Throw: Strong with no cure time

Thoughts: I had a very hate hate relationship with Pink Sugar prior to this month due to a bad experience I had with a Pink Sugar cuticle oil once (eyes and nose burning) and I was upset because it was in SO MANY blends from SO MANY makers. The scent sounds like something I would like in theory (cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel, raspberry jam, and a touch of musk), but I was totally turned off of it after my one run-in with it a few years ago. I received a sample of another Super Tarts scent that was a Pink Sugar blend, and though I was hesitant to melt it, it turned out to be amazing! I guess it was just a one-off experience that I had with the cuticle oil, because now I want all of the Pink Sugar blends! Tonks is just wonderful and I will definitely be repurchasing! It is strong without being overpowering or cloying.

Some other picks from a recent Super Tarts haul were also melted this week. I'm often pleasantly surprised with Super Tarts blends that contain scent notes that I'm a little scared of (like Pink Sugar), so I have tried with each order to throw in a wildcard clam with a new to me scent, and so far there have been a lot of winners! One scent note that I have been scared of is Shaving Cream. I had no idea what it would really smell like, but I figured it would be super heavy and masculine. I decided to throw in a shaving cream scent in my last order, and boy was I pleasantly surprised!

Super Tarts Marksman

Scent Notes: Shaving Cream, Sweet Peach Slices, Juicy Watermelon

Throw: Strong with no cure time

Thoughts: HOLY COW! This is a new favorite scent for me! It smells very clean and fresh and the peaches are a beautiful blend with the shaving cream. The watermelon is a more subtle background scent, but still plays nicely in the blend. It lasted for ages too, throwing for 2 days. I wanted a change so I finally dumped it, but I felt like it still had a nice, but more subtle throw. Gimme all the shaving cream scents!

At heart, I go for ALL THE FRUITY AND BAKERY SCENTS! I like some clean scents as well, but fruity/bakery scents are my comfort zone. When I saw the next two blends, I knew they would be up my alley.

Super Tarts Hershel's Farm

Scent Notes: Watermelon, Strawberries, Honeydew, Oranges

Throw: When I melted it at home, I thought it was a lighter scent, but then I melted it at work and it was quite strong! (no cure time)

Thoughts: This is a heavenly fruity scent! I find that the prominent notes are watermelon and honeydew so to me it just smells like a barrel of melons. It's a wonderful authentic watermelon scent and I adore it.

Super Tarts Once Upon a Time

Scent Notes: Serendipity, Ice Cream Scoop Bread, Marshmallow

Throw: Medium/Strong with no cure time

Thoughts: I have found that anything with Serendipity, I'm a fan of. If you aren't familiar, Serendipity is a blend of creamy vanilla, sweet cherry, orange, and touch of coconut. This was my first blend with Ice Cream Scoop Bread, and it is yummy and a lovely bakery scent! I still don't really know what the heck Ice Cream Scoop Bread is...but is smells I'd probably eat it. Is it that bread you make by melting down ice cream and mixing it with flour? Perhaps I should Google...

Along with my destash loaves, I got some absolutely wonderful samples! My absolute favorite one is from a brand that I have heard nothing but wonderful things about but I've heard they can be a little on the difficult side to purchase from (I've braved indie nail polish restocks...I have prepared for this for years...). Candles From the Keeping Room is run by a maker that has been in the wax/candle business for a long time, so she has it down to an art! This little sample is a fine example of that!

CFTKR Blueberry Cream Type

Scent Notes: Vanilla Cream, Sugar Crystals, Garden Fresh Blueberries

Throw: Strong

Thoughts: WOW! This scent is absolutely heavenly. I adore blueberry scents and this one is so fresh and authentic! The vanilla cream is the perfect companion to the blueberry.

Super Tarts Blueberry Amber Leaves (sample)

Scent Notes: Blueberry, Amber, Leaves type


Thoughts: Okay, amber is one of those scent notes that is just overwhelming for me. It smells nice on first sniff, but after a bit it begins to get overly perfumey and gives me a bit of a headache. This scent is really lovely and has a nice blueberry scent along with the amber, but it just isn't for me. I was told that this scent was featured in the 2017 Advent Calendar, but a lot of people got it as a sample in recent orders. It has been very popular with a lot of requests to add it to the permanent line. If you like amber, I bet you will love this because it really does smell nice, just gets too overwhelming for me.

Baroness X Captain Crunch Berries

Scent Notes: Strawberry, Grape, Buttercream

Throw: Strong (cured since mid-December)

Thoughts: Demi of Baroness X sent a few of her new scoopable waxes to me to test out in December so this was my second time melting Captain Crunch Berries. I feel like a little cure time has made this one throw even better than the first time. I adore cereal scents, and this one is just scrumptious! This was my first experience with scoopable wax, and the texture is soft and scoops really nicely. I still like to cut my wax, and I found you could also pop these out of their container and cut some nice, clean slices from them.

So that's it for this week's wax ramblings! Come back for more every Wednesday! Like I said, I'm branching out to more and more brands so it won't always be a Super Tarts fest (but they are my fav, so there will be a lot!). Thanks for looking!