Thursday, April 27, 2017

KBShimmer Multi Chrome Collection New Additions

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have some brand new editions to KBShimmer's Multi Chrome Collection to share with you. These 6 beauties will be in addition to old favorites Shade Shifter, Rollin' With the Chromies, and Pigment of My Imagination, so now KBShimmer will have a full range of full-coverage multichrome finishes. These new Multi Chrome polishes will debut on Saturday (April 29th) at Polish Con NYC and on the KBShimmer website on May 5th. 

Formulas were pretty similar across the board with these and they do not require the use of black undies for opacity or to make the multichrome shift pop. I tend to use thin coats, so I used 3 thin coats for opacity with all of these, but two regular coats would work easily. I've had other multichromes that claim to not need undies but I still had sheerness at my nail tips when I wore them, and I'm happy to report that that is definitely NOT the case with these. As with all multichromes, different lighting brings out the full spectrum of the shades and I tried to show as much as I could in my photos with different angles.

Puns and Roses is a multichrome polish that shifts from rose pink/gold/green (3 thin coats). One of my favorites! I love the warm, dynamic shift!

Wine Not? is a multichrome polish that shifts from burgundy/purple/gold/bronze (3 thin coats). This is a very sophisticated multichrome shift. It's not one of the most buzzed about color shifts out there, but I think it is very underappreciated!

Flip Flop Hooray is a multichrome polish that shifts from green/teal/navy/warm purple/magenta (3 thin coats). This is by far the most popular multichrome shift out there (or at least I think so!) and this polish showcases it beautifully! The true green portion of the shift is magical!

Iridescent Exposure is a multichrome polish that shifts from navy/purple/magenta/gold (3 thin coats). This has always been one of my favorite shifts and I just love the golden angle of it (though my pics did not do it justice). 

Chroma Chameleon is a multichrome polish that shifts from fuchsia/rose/gold/bright green (3 thin coats). This color shift gives me life and it my very favorite of all of the multichrome shifts available. That bright fuchsia and bright green are magical!

It's a Blazing is a multichrome polish that shifts from burgundy/yellow gold/orange/bronze (3 thin coats). This color shift is so reminiscent of molten fall leaves and is so gorgeous to me! It's one of the underutilized pigments in the multichrome world, so I'm so glad to see it here!

KBShimmer products are available from their website as well as from Harlow & Co. (Canada) and Color4Nails (United States) for international customers. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates on new collections and to see swatches of all of their polishes. Thanks for looking everyone!

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