Thursday, May 26, 2016

JORD Red Sandalwood Watch Review

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Hi everyone! I was recently contacted by JORD to review another one of their fabulous wood watches. I have enjoyed my first JORD watch, the Zebrawood and Maple (Click here to see my review), so much and I constantly get admiring comments and questions about it when I wear it. This time I picked a totally different watch to review, and it just as lovely and unique. JORD's entire range of wood watches are available from the JORD website.

JORD is also offering a limited number of $25 discount codes, so follow this link to try and get one for yourself (these are first come, first serve) 

The watch that I chose this time is the Red Sandalwood from the Ely Series. This is a rich, shiny red watch that I thought would be lovely with all of the bright colors that I like to wear in the spring and summer. Some people prefer lighter shades and pastels this time of year, but I've always leaned more towards bolder and dark colors, no matter what time of year. The face of the Red Sandalwood is smaller and more feminine than my other watch and I think I prefer this size for everyday wear. It also has the additional feature of the date box on the face, which is very helpful (since I can never remember the date).

As with the last watch, the quality of the carving on the watch is beautiful and exceptionally done. It's a light and easy to wear watch design that I think would be universally loved.

I have stepped into a new role at work this year so I'm so surprised with my scrubs/jeans/t-shirt wearing self but I've become obsessed with skirts and dresses because of new found love of LuLaRoe! My spring and summer style is filled with bold and breezy florals, and I love how this watch pairs with them. I think the darker color of the Red Sandalwood really coordinates with my wardrobe much better than the lighter shades.

And, of course, with this being a nail blog I had to do some nail art! I did some abstract floral art (aka poor man's Monet) today. See how beautiful the bright shades look with the rich red of the Red Sandalwood!

With JORD's full line of men's and women's watches, you will be sure to find one that is perfect for you or for a gift! This time of year, high school and college graduations are in full gear and these watches would be a perfect and unique gift for graduates on your list. It's also wedding season (trust me...I've been to two already and have two more to attend soon!) and these would be great as bridesmaid or groomsman gifts as well. I remember trying to find an idea for something unique when I got married and these are about as unique a gift as you could find!

Check out the JORD Website to see their wide range of options and check some gifts off of your list (maybe even one for yourself)! Thanks for looking everyone!

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