Friday, June 27, 2014

Maybelline Day Glow Teal and Born Pretty Store Feather Decals

*Products purchased by me*

Hi everyone! Today I have a mani to share with you that I absolutely loved! This one features another polish from Maybelline's Bleached Neons Collection as well as some absolutely stunning water decals from Born Pretty Store

After my initial discovery of Maybelline's Bleached Neons, I decided to seek out a few more colors from the line. I found a full display at another Rite Aid and was able to buy the gorgeous blue from the collection, Day Glow Teal. This polish, unlike the Lime Accent, had a great formula and covered perfectly in two coats. It is bright, but also a little muted so it definitely isn't an in your face "neon". I'm a sucker for blue cremes, and this one is fantastic!

Next I added these beautiful feather decals (Item 1724) from Born Pretty Store. When you first look at the sheet of decals, the feathers don't exactly look like they all go together, but when you place them over a base, they are just translucent enough that the colors all meld together for a very cohesive look. The decals behaved well and I had no difficulties applying them. I didn't want to take this mani off!

Be sure to check out Born Pretty Store for all of your nail art supply needs (you can use my coupon code JCX31 for 10% off your order).  I've always had great experiences with ordering from them at very reasonable prices. Also, you can't beat free worldwide shipping! You can also follow Born Pretty Store on Facebook and Instagram.  

The Maybelline Bleached Neons collection is limited edition, so be sure to grab them now before they are gone for good wherever Maybelline products are sold in your area (I purchased mine from Rite Aid). 


  1. Aaaaah! I love this mani!! I don't blame you, I wouldn't want to take this off either!! At first glance I thought the feathers were painted on! I didn't know they were water decals til I read the title!! I'm in love with the Bleached Neons. I found the whole collection at Rite Aid and had to buy them all. I was so excited I even picked one up that wasn't a BN! Haha!!! Day Glow Teal is such a beautifully saturated color! I can't stop looking at it!! Gorgeous mani Jenny!!

  2. This turned out so gorgeous! I love the colors together and everything.

  3. Your mani is gorgeous! I love the Bleached Neons, and this one in particular. The addition of the feather decals is inspired - they look so beautiful together. Thank you for the wonderful photos!