Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hits Mari Moon Swatches

So today I have a few swatches from the Hits Mari Moon collection. This is a lovely collection of multichromatic polishes from Brazil.

First up is Cool. It is a green/gold/blue multichrome. This is 2 coats. I found it to have a more metallic finish than the others and therefore more prone to brushstrokes. With careful application, it looked really nice.

Next up is Cutie Pie. This one is a beauty. The only pictures I have of it are older. It flashes from purple, to blue, to turquoise, to even gold at extreme angles. It was super hard to photograph the turquoise shift in this one, but it is very apparent in real life. It is dupey to the long discontinued (and highly sought after) Turquoise Opal from the Sally Hansen Nail Prisms line as well as the recently discontinued Ozotic 505 and its Chemistry/Artform counterparts. This is one coat over black.

Last, but not least, is Unconventional. This one is a real stunner, and my favorite one that I have tried so far. It flashes from a gorgeous deep purple to a burgundy and even to a glowing red in the sun. This is 2 coats over black (but I could have just used 1 coat).

Overall, these polishes are really lovely, I just abhor their brushes which you have to use carefully to avoid bubbling (or that has been my experience, at least) and hate that their bottles are so tiny (6 ml). The end result is worth it though! There are quite a few of them that are dupes for hard to find polishes, so that is another great thing about this collection. Here is an excellent list of multichrome dupes that my friend Theomanic has compiled for you to reference if you have any serious multichrome lemmings or if you want to avoid dupes in your collection.

I purchased these from Llarowe and they appear out of stock at the moment, but she is constantly getting new inventory in from Brazil from the Hits line, so keep checking back if you are interested in them!  


  1. oh man, you captured these polishes so perfectly! :) I will have to re-swatch these when I have more patience. I just wish the brushes weren't so wiley lol.